New Automatic Emptying Base for the Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Emptying Base for the Roborock S7

Roborock has some of the best value for money robot vacuum cleaners on the market, with high-end features and great versatility, but not too high a price. After the launch of the Roborock S7 floor scrubbing robot, the company has launched an automatic emptying base so that we do not have to bother with emptying the robot.

This base is compatible with the Roborock S7 model only, and completely empties the robot’s bin, offering the option of using a powerful cyclone or a dust collection bag as preferred by the user. The base uses the robot’s main brush as an exit door for airflow, allowing even the heaviest debris to be collected.

Dual mode: 1.8 liter tank or bag

The new base is the first launched by the company, and it is at the level of other solutions that we find in the market. The drain base tank can be removed and washed for easy maintenance and cleaning. In addition, it is the only one on the market that has this dual mode that allows the user to choose between the tank or the cleaning bag.

The bags have a 1.8 liter capacity and are automatically sealed when removed to prevent dirt from spreading. The bags are treated with an antibacterial agent that protects them and makes them cleaner to use for long periods of time. With the bags we have to carry out up to almost 4 complete emptyings of the tank automatically before having to change the bags, since the Roborock S7’s dust tank is 470 ml.

The base features a multi-stage H13 filtration system and HEPA filter that captures up to 99.99% of particles less than 0.3 microns in size, thus capable of capturing pollen or dander to reduce allergic reactions in people with allergies.

Emptying is smart and can be controlled

The emptying will be different depending on the cleaning habits of the user, where an intelligent dust collection algorithm will adjust the emptying in each situation. We can also control it from the application, to choose between four modes: Smart, Light, Balanced and Maximum . It also has protection to prevent emptying if the tank is not in place. In addition, it has small brushes that clean the robot’s electrodes each time it is coupled to guarantee a correct union when going to the charging base.

The automatic emptying base has a price of 299 euros , and will be on sale from today July 15 in black and white colors. It can be purchased at Geekbuying , and there will be a special pack available throughout the year that will include the Roborock S7 robot vacuum and the vacuum base that will make it cheaper to get hold of that pack than to buy both items separately. The robot can also be purchased at Geekbuying currently for 505.55 euros , with shipping from Spain.