New AI photo editor on your Samsung: Galaxy Enhance-X

Samsung‘s photo editing app Galaxy Enhance-X comes with a lot of functions that it is able to perform automatically with just one click based on AI. This is especially important in a brand that stands out for its image and photography quality.

It is not usually a brand, however, that launches many new applications, although this is one of them. You will be able to improve your images in a single click using artificial intelligence, something that others already do, although this one improves them even more with many interesting possibilities with which it stands out. Find out what it offers you and how you can make the most of it.

New AI photo editor on your Samsung: Galaxy Enhance-X

What is this new AI photo editor about?

This integrated AI-powered photography solution from Samsung is so convenient, as it only takes one touch to have your image analyzed for blemishes, enhanced and enhanced. You can also apply the effects or functions of the photos that you already have on your mobile.

Galaxy Enhance-X is capable of offering a host of possibilities, such as removing moire patterns, removing reflections and blurring, brightening dark images, enlarging images, enhancing messy images, and more. The application interface, when you open an image, shows you the Brighten, Correct Blur, HDR and Sharpen options. Tapping the More button will give you access to the Fix Moire, Remove Reflection, Facial Enhancements, and Portrait options.


One of the aspects that should be highlighted in this application is that both the original image and the improved image are saved in JPEG format in the gallery. Thus, you will not lose the image that interests you the most and you will be able to continue editing on the original if you wish.

How to install it on your mobile

You can download it today from your Galaxy Store to enjoy its features and possibilities, to go beyond what Photo Editor or Expert RAW (which gives you a complete RAW photography experience) offer you. If you can’t find it, because it’s not very visible, you can download it from here .

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It is compatible with Galaxy smartphones running Android 10 and above . In addition to Galaxy Note, Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series flagship phones, it can be installed on Galaxy A, M and F series mid-range phones with One UI 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5.

For now, it doesn’t seem to be available for download in India and may not be available in other mobiles and places yet. If it says that your phone won’t let you download the app, it’s not compatible or you can’t find it, you can always use an APK to start enjoying its features as soon as possible. This is the link you can use.

Edit your photos, improve their quality, change the resolution and get rid of the flaws in the photos you have on your Samsung mobile today with this app that helps you get the best effects with your Samsung mobile without having to do more than press a finger because the app does it all.