Save battery life on your laptop when using Ubuntu Linux with these tips

Many users, for various reasons, prefer to use an open source operating system like Ubuntu instead of the usual Windows. The reasons for this are very varied, although Linux developers today are working to convince them.

We mention Ubuntu because it is one of the most loved and used distributions in the world. It is true that we have a wide range of products here to choose from and install on our equipment. However, over the years this distro has earned the trust of millions. That is precisely why its developers work continuously to convince a growing number of users to migrate to their proposal.

Save battery life on your laptop when using Ubuntu Linux

Unlike Microsoft ‘s operating system, we must bear in mind that we can install most Linux distributions completely free of charge . And it is that these also present us with more and more functions of great utility and accessible even for novice users. With these we mean that all those who are afraid to enter this type of operating system have it easier than ever, so it is highly recommended.

We will find a clear example of all this in the functions offered by the aforementioned Ubuntu Linux in general terms. That is why we are going to talk about the changes that you can make to save battery life if you use it on a laptop. And it is that one of the main premises that this set of software and hardware must meet is to offer us maximum autonomy. For this, the aforementioned open source operating system can be very helpful, as we will see below.

Changes in Linux Ubuntu to save battery

By default, a Linux operating system is usually configured to offer us the best user experience. However, we work with a laptop and do not have access to mains power at the moment, we should make some effective changes.

bateria Ubuntu Reduce Brightness – If we take a look at the top right corner of the main interface on the Ubuntu desktop, we see an icon in the shape of a battery. We only have to click on it so that a slider bar appears on the screen that allows us to decrease its brightness. If we lower this to the minimum, enough to be able to work, we will save a huge amount of battery.

Schedule screen shutdown : Another available function that we access from the operating system settings is the screen shutdown schedule. What we achieve is that one of the elements that consumes the most energy stops working when we are not using the laptop, all automatically.

Auto Sleep – This is something that Ubuntu also allows us to do, not just with the aforementioned screen, but with the entire computer. With this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of programming the suspension of the PC completely in order to save as much battery as possible. This does not mean that we turn it off completely, but a good part of its components will stop working and consuming energy.

Close applications : but if we need to use it constantly without having access to the electrical network, we recommend opening only what we really need. The consumption of computer resources negatively affects battery consumption . Therefore, a movement that we can carry out is to close all those programs that we do not need.