Saved from phantom consumption if you disconnect everything from your Smart TV

To save on the electricity bill each month we can take into account different changes and small gestures. Something fundamental is to control the connected devices and how we use them. Sometimes we make certain mistakes and that can cause us to spend more than necessary. In this article we are going to talk about how much you can save if you disconnect everything that surrounds the television . We are going to explain how you can spend less.

Savings when turning off devices connected to the TV

phantom consumption if you disconnect everything from your Smart TV

The first thing you should keep in mind is that television is one of the devices that consume the most electricity after a year. It is true that it is not one of those that spend the most per hour, such as an oven or a stove, but it is because it is something widely used. Now, it will logically depend on the time of use and the type of television you have, since factors such as the size of the screen or the configuration it has will influence.

But beyond the television, other devices that you connect to it also consume electricity. For example, a video player, a game console, a Wi-Fi receiver… All this needs energy to work and they can consume even if we are not using them.

Something important is the fact of leaving or not a television in Stand By . Although it depends on the model, we can say that it consumes approximately 4-5 W. Although it is a small amount, it is something that will contribute to phantom consumption. It’s not much, we’re talking about maybe 1 euro a year.

However, it is not only the television itself. Also think of a video player , which can consume 7-8 W. Per year we could be facing approximately €1.50. If you also have a decoder and a game console , you may be adding another 3 euros between the two.

As you can see, if you turn off all the devices connected to the television, in addition to not leaving the TV itself on Stand By, you could save about 6 euros a year. These are approximate figures, since it will depend on the type of device, its characteristics and also the amount you have. But to get an idea, you can calculate that number. It’s not much, but it’s something you can reduce.

Consumo de luz de una televisión

Total phantom consumption can be important

But if we think of the total phantom consumption , of all the things you have connected without really needing them, the amount could be more important. In fact, it is estimated that it can account for between 7 and 10% of total electricity consumption after a year in a home.

Imagine reducing monthly electricity bills by 7-10% . You can achieve that simply by eliminating phantom consumption. In addition, as soon as you manage connected devices better, you can increase that figure and save even more. In that case you could see how the bill decreases.

Therefore, as you see, turning off the television completely and also disconnecting other linked devices can help you save on the bill. It is not a significant number, but it is something that will add to other small changes that you make with the aim of paying less.