Motorola Mobiles: How to Fix the Problems with Gboard

The Google or Gboard keyboard currently has over a billion downloads on Google Play. The user rating based on more than 4 million opinions gives it a score of 4.4 out of five. Even with everything, some phones experience certain problems when it comes to working with this app.

There are few Motorola users who report problems with this keyboard. However there are several solutions that we can carry out to continue using the Gboard without problem. Many of these solutions have been shared by Motorola’s own community and even by its Technical Service, so they may end your problems.


His main problems

Problems can occur after a while using this keyboard or even after having installed it recently. Nor does it matter that it was downloaded from Google or any or from an external app repository. Users experience delays, or even the disappearance of the keyboard itself , making it impossible to unlock the terminal itself on some occasions.

logo del teclado de google

And the solutions

Delete data

The first solution stops by erasing the data from the keyboard and forcing its stop. For this we go to the Settings / Applications and storage menu. Then we click on the three points in the upper right and click on “reset preferences” Within the same menu click on “Show System applications”. Now we look for Google Keyboard and then click on “Storage”. Once inside click on delete data and force stop. Now we restart our Motorola and the problem should have disappeared.

Check that it is activated

It is also possible that the keyboard has been deactivated due to its conflict with the occasional application. In that case we will just have to activate it again. For this we go to Settings / Language and text input / Virtual keyboard / Keyboard Manager and activate Gboard .

Download by voice

Sometimes it may be necessary to reinstall the app. However, if the keyboard is not available due to an error, we can use our voice to find it in Google Play and proceed to reinstall the application . Simply enter the application store and click on the microphone to find any app by voice. Then we just have to uninstall and install the app.

teclado de google por voz

Use Motorola Recovery

However, those Motorola users who have had a problem with the Gboard and cannot unlock their phone since they have a password, will have to perform a factory reset, which will delete data such as photos or contacts that are not synchronized. To be able to use the terminal again we will have to follow the following steps:

android modo recovery

  • With the equipment connected to the charger, we press the volume down keys and power button at the same time about 7 seconds and then release.
  • Then we use the key to lower the volume to scroll to “RECOVERY MODE” and the Power key to select
  • On the screen we will see the Motorola logo and the Android logo in trouble (exclamation mark logo).
  • Press the power key for 3 seconds and while pressing, we touch the volume up key once and release quickly.
  • The device will now display the Recovery Mode options.
  • We use the key to lower the volume to scroll to where it says WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET and use the power key to select this option and confirm in Yes or USER DATA ONLY with the same sequence.
  • Now the mobile will start to erase the data and finally we will have to confirm in Reboot System Now, with the power button.
  • At the end of the process the device will restart and everything will return to normal when you turn on.