Motorola Mobile Phone Has No Sound or Can’t be Heard: How to Fix it

Our mobiles have a large number of elements that can fail without prior notice. One of the most disturbing has to do with sound. Many Motorola users report that they have problems with their mobile in this regard , since the terminal stops having sound. Let’s see why this happens and what we can do to fix it.

There are several factors that can influence so that our Motorola does not hear absolutely anything . Many of these factors have to do with the user’s own hand. However, other variables also come into play, such as speaker-related hardware problems, in which case we will have less room for maneuver.

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How to fix the problem

Test the terminal

Motorola has a helper application that can determine where the problem is. If our phone is not heard, we will have to do a test that checks the speaker, the microphone or even the headphone jack. For this we will have to go to the Motorola help application and enter> Solve> Hardware Test> Speaker

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Reset apps

This function will allow us to reset the preferences of the applications. It is possible that some may be generating some type of conflict with the audio of the device. To be able to do it we go to Settings / configuration> Applications> Press the 3 Points in the upper right> Reset preferences> Reset Applications.

Internal cache

Another measure to try to fix the problem usually works and is recommended by Motorola itself. We will have to clear the cached data from the internal storage . It is done from Settings / Configuration> Storage> Internal Storage> Cached data> Clear. Then we restart the phone and try again.

Headphones connected

It is a mandatory check before blaming other reasons. We may have headphones connected . This is one of the most common causes, especially when connected via Bluetooth. In that case we can disable Bluetooth to check if the problem is solved.

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Hands free car

It is a similar case to the previous one, since when we get out of the car when we have had the hands free, the mobile can stay synchronized with the Bluetooth . This prevents incoming calls or music from playing. Once again we must disable Bluetooth unless we want to use the mobile as a wireless speaker.

Check volume

Although it seems logical, precisely something so obvious makes many users look for other solutions before and ignore it. The volume of alarms, media content, or alarms may be silent. In that case we must upload it, if our mobile allows it from the volume buttons, or go to the sound settings menu to upload each item individually. This way we will check if the problem is solved before moving on to something else.

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Recent app

It is possible that some recent app, and the permissions we have granted it, may be interfering with the correct operation of the system volume . In this case, we will have to review the latest installed apps and delete those that may be capable of causing the problem. In this case we will have to enter the Safe Mode of Motorola mobiles, to be able to identify which application is causing the problem.

Dirty speaker?

It is another of the most common causes. The speaker is an input focus for dirt and dust of all kinds. In this sense, we will have to proceed to clean the speaker , following some guidelines so as not to damage internal components. In a lot of cases, cleaning the speaker fixes the problem.