Motorola Edge 30: the ideal mobile for your vacation

This week we officially enter July, in the purest definition of summer. And that means good weather, vacations, more outings with friends, family, or even spending time with oneself to reconnect again. And from Motorola comes an ideal proposal in terms of features and price for you to record all those moments, share them and treasure them: the Motorola Edge 30.

Do you need a new mobile and do not want to leave more than 400 euros? Come and let’s take a look at the latest from Motorola, a smartphone that we summarize in 5 points to highlight why it is the ideal terminal to take anywhere this summer, even near the water!

Motorola Edge 30

A camera to create content

Whether you’re photographing people, scenery, cats or food, a good camera is always needed to achieve that perfect group Selfie photo in the dark of the pub, or to highlight the beauty of the dish that has just been brought to you. The camera is very important in a smartphone, and the Motorola Edge 30 is ideal for vacations.

Motorola’s new terminal mounts a 50 MP triple rear camera and fast focus integrated by:

50 Mpxl main camera

Experience faster, more accurate performance in any light with instant all-pixel focus and 32x more focus pixels. Eliminate shaky images with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

50 Mpxl Ultra Wide Angle and Macro

Enjoy a larger frame to capture ultra-wide-angle photos in spectacular high resolution. Macro Vision brings out the minutest details of your subject in extreme close-ups, revealing details a standard lens can’t.

2 Mpxl depth sensor

Adds an adjustable blur effect to the natural-tone background, allowing you to adjust the intensity level for an effect that is as creative as it is professional.

More details on the Edge 30 camera

  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) function – to help your photos come out sharp and shake-free.
  • Dual Capture: Use the front and rear cameras to record what is happening from two cameras at the same time and make your reaction part of the action.
  • Instant night vision : Night photos are automatically illuminated and the shot matches the on-screen preview
  • Super slow motion : Record with a new perspective at 960 HD frames per second; slower than the eye can see.
  • Photo Selective Color : Isolates a single color in your photo while the rest of the image remains black and white.
  • Video Selective Color : Keep one highlight color while recording and have everything else turn black and white.
  • Face Beauty : Automatically smooth uneven skin tones in selfies to show your best face.

The mobile that you won’t notice you’re carrying

In summer we carry many things on top and with few clothes to put them in all the pockets. At just 6.79mm wide, the Motorola Edge 30 can claim to be the thinnest 5G smartphone on the market today. The terminal has a premium design that eliminates bezels as much as possible to maintain the ‘all screen’ concept, and elements such as the 32-megapixel Quad Pixel front camera with f/2.25 aperture are micro-perforated in the panel -in addition to allowing better light in low light conditions.

Its external design, made with a Gorilla Glass 3 glass body and a PMMA and plastic back, uses hydrophobic elements, which makes the terminal literally water repellent , ideal considering that it is already summer and mobiles must deal more with the water at this time of year. And all this with a weight of only 155 grams , which makes it a terminal as well as thin, light for transport. Your wallet and/or keys will surely weigh more than your mobile.

Fast charging to forget about charging

Putting your battery to full in a short time so you don’t have to be aware of the charge percentage at all times is always a plus. Especially during vacations and trips, in which we do not know when we are going to be close to a power source to recharge the mobile, or if we will have a long time to charge it. For this reason, The Edge 30 mounts a generous 4020 mAh battery with an autonomy of 32.7 hours per recharge, so you can use the mobile without problems for a day and a half.

And in case you run out of energy, with TurboPower 33 technology you have 30W fast charging that will give you several hours of use with just a few minutes of charging. All this to feed an internal set that shows power in the mid-range, since the Motorola Edge 30 uses a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 5G processor, along with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and an internal storage capacity of 256GB . All this helps the use of the mobile to play, watch or create content to be fully satisfactory since it does not lack power for multitasking.

The Edge 30 comes with My UX, Motorola’s customization layer based on Android 12 and which brings with it a series of features and software functions designed to both facilitate and personalize the user experience with this terminal -and others from the same brand.

Plus, your data will be protected from malware, phishing, and other threats with the ThinkShield for Mobile suite of hardware and software security features.

The ideal screen to view content during a trip

Consuming content to entertain yourself is something that increases during the summer season and free time. And whether on a plane, train, car, or even relaxed on the beach, the Edge 30 mounts an ideal panel for that task, since a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution, with HDR10+, takes care of that. , 20:9 Max Vision aspect ratio and a 144Hz screen refresh rate.

The AMOLED screen and that HDR10+ certification allow you to display multimedia content with deeper blacks, sharper contrasts, and realistic colors, all enhanced by the multidimensional sound of Dolby Atmos audio. Plus, the full DCI-P3 color space meets cinematic standards for accuracy, so watching a Netflix series or HBO Max movie on that panel will make for a smoother ride.

And a detail that we usually see in top of the range is that the fingerprint reader is not implemented in a button, but that the Edge 30 has it installed under the screen , to which a second biometric security sensor is added in the form of mobile face unlock option.

Dolby Atmos, the sound of your meetings and hangouts

If the screen of the Edge 30 makes it ideal for viewing content, its sound system is not far behind: At the sound level, Motorola has implemented support for Dolby Atmos sound , which is played through two large stereo speakers that the terminal mounts on his design.

With such a sound, the mobile can be used in any meeting as an intelligent speaker just by turning up the volume of the songs, listening to them more seriously, with clearer voices and higher quality.

The sound of the Edge 30 is not just for fun / partying, but for video calls, VoIP calls or meetings via ZOOM, Skype, etc., phone and video calls are made with improved Crystal Talk audio quality , which offers artificial intelligence-optimized sharpness and noise reduction for VoIP (calls over the Internet).

How much does it cost? Motorola Edge 30 Price

Do you need to change your terminal or do you just want to treat yourself? The Motorola Edge 30 also shines in what it costs, since it has a very tight price of 399 euros and is now available to buy on the website