Ephemeral mode on Instagram: destroy the messages before repenting

Temporary messages are a trend in social networks and instant messaging applications because they allow our conversations to be ephemeral, without being saved later, but rather they disappear without a trace after a while. In WhatsApp, the deletion occurs after 24 hours, and even if you try to delete conversations without having activated it before, you will have to settle for the deleted message notice, but on Instagram the temporary or ephemeral mode works in a different way.

Ephemeral mode on Instagram

It is clear that, although you can take a screenshot or photo, this does not have the same validity as the original conversations, and the truth is that we are not usually aware of whether the other person deletes the conversation or not in order to keep it given the case. This makes it really interesting if you want to not have to worry about what you say in your conversations or if you regret it after saying it, since just by closing the screen the messages, photos and other content will disappear. That is why it is so practical and can be very interesting for you at certain times.

With Instagram it is as simple as we say it, the messages are deleted when you close the application in which they are found. If you talk to someone and leave the chat, even if you come back later, the texts, photos and everything you have sent to that person at that time will disappear, even if you have not closed the application.

What is Ephemeral Mode and how does it work?

One of the characteristics of temporary messages is that you cannot choose which ones are and which ones are not, but rather it is a mode that you can activate so that all messages are temporary while it is active and stop being temporary when you have deactivated it. We are talking about Temporary or Ephemeral Mode on Instagram, which we can activate or deactivate at our convenience.

In this mode, you can continue to have conversations as normal, sending images, stickers, GIFS, making video calls and more, knowing that all traces of these will disappear while you remain in this mode. Specifically, when you leave the conversation. Previous and subsequent messages will not be deleted.

When you activate Temporary Mode, your screen turns black. You will receive notifications every time you send the publications. You will know perfectly well that you are in that mode and you will be able to differentiate it from the normal one in case you want to change it at any time. And also because, even if you don’t have it, the other person may have decided to have it in chats with you.

modo efimero temporal instagram

How to make your messages self-destruct

To get started with temporary messages, you’ll need to open Instagram and enter the conversation you want them to be available in. Of course, don’t forget to update the app to the latest update.

To use temporary Instagram messages , you first have to enter the conversation where you want to activate them. You will have to enter the chat from the Messenger button , if you have it active, instead of the direct messages that is shown as an airplane. All you have to do to activate it is to swipe up on the conversation and you will automatically enter that mode. What you write with it while it is active will disappear later. If you want to deactivate it, you will see the button above that does it or you can deactivate it by moving your finger down.

modo efimero en instagram

If you do not have it available , you will have to settle for using it if the other person has it and activates it or wait until you have the possibility to use it, since there are areas where it cannot be used yet. It is to be hoped that all users can have it in our accounts in a very short time. And you, have you already used it, do you see advantages or do you think it’s silly?