Motorcycle games for Mac: simulators, competitions and more

The Mac is a device that Apple has always linked to productivity thanks to the great variety and above all quality of applications that it has. However, it is also a fantastic device to be able to spend leisure time playing the available games. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you about some of the best motorcycle titles that you can find and play on your Apple computer.

How can you play these video games

Motorcycle games for Mac

As you will be able to verify below, some of these games are available directly from Apple’s own application store, that is, the App Store, however, others will have to download them through your main browser to be able to enjoy them on your Apple computer. In addition, one of the points that you have to take into account and that will undoubtedly improve your experience playing through your Mac, is that some of these games can be enjoyed playing with a controller, therefore, here is a list with the controllers that are compatible with Mac and, in this way, the controllers that you can use with the games that are compatible.

  • DualSense (PlayStation 5).
  • Dualshock 4 (PlayStation).
  • Model 1708 Bluetooth (Xbox).
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.
  • Adaptive Xbox controller .

Games available on the App Store

The Mac is not only a device to perform productivity tasks, edit videos or text documents, but it is also a fantastic option to have a fun time playing games. In this case we will focus on motorcycle games that you can download without problems and that if, in compatible cases, you also use a remote, you will have a very fun experience.

Top Bike: real Racing Speed & Best Moto Drag Racer

Top Bike

Undoubtedly, if what you are looking for is a game that has a wide variety of motorcycles to choose from, Top Bike will not disappoint you as it puts up to 71 different models on the table, all of them modified so that you can choose, adjust and even customize the bike you want to enjoy an epic story of underground rivalry and battles between different gangs.

The customization of the motorcycles is one of the most outstanding points of this game since it gives you the possibility of being able to adapt the motorcycle completely to your liking. A motorcycle that you will then have to use to explore a great city that is ruled by dangerous and reckless unconditional criminals. It is available in up to 17 languages and has extremely fluid graphics.



I’m sure that even if you have never tried this title for Mac, when playing it you will have the feeling that it is not the first time you have enjoyed it since it has a very traditional gameplay and similar to other titles that you can find for example both for iPhone and for iPad. It is a casual game of motorcycle skills , with a lot of action and above all, and for what stands out this title, with realistic physics.

It has more than 100 original tracks where you can test your skills on the bike. It also provides you with thousands of tracks online and even gives you the possibility of being the one who carries them out through its track editor, so you can adapt it according to your tastes and preferences, you can even share them with other players and friends.

Developer: baKno Games

Moto Racing 3D – Bike Baron

Moto Racing 3D

Within a compilation of motorcycle games, obviously sooner or later a game that is based on the races of these would have to arrive. With Moto Racing you’ll be able to burn the track with the fastest and most extreme races, enjoying that adrenaline rush that speed always generates in this type of game.

With Moto Racing 3D you have the possibility not only to have a fun time enjoying motorcycle racing, but also to do it with a motorcycle completely customized by you thanks to the configurations it offers you. In addition, it has extreme tracks to compete on and, above all, rivals that will make things very difficult for you if you want to become the king of the track.

Crazy bikers 2

Crazy Bikers 2

We continue talking about races and now we are surely going with the most epic in the world that, above all, takes place around the world . In this case it is one of the best and most popular racing games that you will be able to find, in fact, it has more than 5 million downloads behind it, a figure that shows the success of this title among all the users.

After all, Crazy Bikers 2 is an action-packed acrobatic game as you’ll have to outrun all your rivals if you want to be the first to cross the finish line. But beware, you will not only have the demand to run at the speed of light, but you will also have to perform different stunts to turn the race into a real spectacle.

Dead rider

Dead Rider

If you want to enjoy a game that makes things difficult for you and on top of that, you can play it with your friends , Dead Rider is one of the alternatives that you have to keep in mind. It is a title in which you will have to get on top of the motorcycle and start to visit local tracks . It has unique physics and a large number of levels that will challenge you at all times.

In fact, there are 100 levels available so the challenge is assured. It also provides the possibility to participate every week in tournaments in which you will face players from all over the world, but on top of that, you will be the one who can organize games to enjoy them with your friends through your Mac.


MiniBikers: The game of mini racing motorbikes


This game is based on an animation series where now, the protagonist is you and, with MiniBikers, the craziest races come to your hands, or rather, to your Apple computer. You can create your own stories or change the rules of the races , all in order to become a World Champion riding on your motorcycle.

With a dynamic very similar to what you can find in games like MarioKart, you will have to use all kinds of tools to be able to overtake your rivals, and also, obviously, so that they do not overtake you. This ensures that fun is fully guaranteed in each corner and you will have to put all five senses in each race if you want to win.

Draw rider

Draw Rider

The Arcade also comes to motorcycle games for Mac thanks to Draw Rider, a fantastic game that will put you to the test every second. It is not a normal race, but in addition to trying to be the fastest you will also have to overcome insidious tests of many levels to be the best and take home the gold medal, which will make you the best runner in each track.

As you play and achieve good results, you will also unlock new levels and new characters with whom you can play each game. It even has a level editor that lets you create new tracks and share them with other players so they can also put their skills to the test.

There is life beyond the Apple store

Unlike other Apple devices, the Mac has the advantage, or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it, of being able to install software that does not necessarily have to be within the App Store. Hence, users can also choose to enjoy other motorcycle games that they can download from different websites. Here we talk about some of them.

Racer 4 engine

Moto Racer 4

One of the most common themes in motorcycle games is racing and without a doubt Moto Racer 4 is one of the games that will give you the opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting races you can find. In addition, one of the characteristics that makes this game stand out is because it has a wide variety of game modes.

It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy riding some of the fastest motorcycles in the world , as well as being able to share this fun time with up to 10 players who can compete with each other in the spectacular races that this Motor Racer 4 has. doubt one of the best options you can find outside the App Store to enjoy playing on a motorcycle.

Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers

Surely after seeing the cover of this Coffin Dodger, one of the most popular racing games in the world has come to mind, Mario Kart, well, although initially it may seem very similar, the reality is that the game has few similarities with this title, since the main mission you will have is to save yourself from the zombies.

Coffin Dodgers bases his fun on riding seven quirky retirees on a motorcycle who have also been so daring to customize, tune and arm themselves on their scooters to escape an army of zombies that will chase you along 13 tracks, all all while trying to be the first in these hilarious races.

Road redemption

Road Redemption

Following in a similar way the theme of the previous game now comes Road Redemption. And it is that, obviously, you will have to get on top of the motorcycle and compete to be the fastest of all , but in this case you will have to be aware, without a doubt, of many other factors that will surely make this experience a really fun moment .

It is a racing and combat video game on motorcycles that has two objectives, the first, to survive in this authentic battle , and the second, to reach the finish line first . For this you will have a wide variety of weapons available and of course, you will have a huge campaign full of surprises and very funny moments.

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out a compilation of applications, from the ITIGIC writing team we like to tell you which is, from our point of view, the option that has most caught our attention in each of the categories into which we have divided the post. Although this does not have to coincide with yours.

If we look at the games that are available in the App Store, the one that for us is the most fun is Draw Ride due to this Arcade style of play and the challenges that appear in it. On the other hand, moving now to the options outside the App Store, the game that has caught our attention the most is Moto Racer 4, since it is one of the best motorcycle racing games.