How to know how long your phone has been on

Surely many of the users who spend the day glued to their mobiles are with it all the time and never let them turn off. Either because they need it to be able to work or study, or for pure entertainment. In addition, over the years it has become one of those tools that we consider practically essential in our day to day life.

know how long your phone has been on

For this reason, many times we are not aware of all the time we have been using our mobile device without it ending up turning off when it runs out of battery, or simply because we wanted to restart it. And although with the different software possibilities that have been implemented such as the Android Digital Well-being, which lets us know the use we make of the mobile and the hours we spend with it. Although, the truth is that there is another trick with which we will be able to know the exact hours, minutes and seconds that our smartphone carries without turning off.

How long have you not turned off your mobile?

Among the different configurations and settings that are hidden in Android smartphones, we not only find the famous usage time with which we can know all the hours we have spent in the last days glued to the mobile and in which app we have been the most . Even on the iPhone we can know how many notifications we have received per day.

tiempo de conexión móvil

However, this trick is an advantage that can only be used by users who have an Android phone. Therefore, it will be impossible to know how long an Apple mobile device has been on , since, unfortunately, there is no menu or section with which you can discover this information.

In the event that you have a smartphone with the Google operating system, you will be in luck, because that way you will always know how long your mobile has not turned off . To do this, first enter your phone’s settings, then go to the About phone section and click on it. Then, once you are in its own menu, you will have to look for the Status section.

Finally, once you have clicked on this option, we will have to look for the section called Connection time . This will refer to the time that our mobile device has been without turning off, in addition the hours, minutes and seconds that it has been turned on will appear. And, thanks to this trick or advantage of Android, you can always know in detail how long your mobile phone has been without turning off completely.