The Most Used Antivirus in 2019 by User Base

To  connect to the Internet safely it is essential to use a good antivirus. Windows 10 comes by default with Windows Defender, Microsoft's own security software that allows us to connect to the Internet with less risk and to protect ourselves from threats. However, despite the fact that Windows Defender works quite well in terms of security, many users continue to install other, more well-known antivirus programs to entrust the protection of their computer.

It is usually very difficult to know how many users use each antivirus that we can find on the network. However, thanks to the periodic studies carried out by the OPSWAT platform it is possible to get an idea of ​​which are the favorites of the users.

This study has not included Windows Defender in its study because it has a majority quota when it comes installed with Windows 10, being free and also not being able to uninstall from the computer. Therefore, leaving aside the Microsoft antivirus, we will see which have been the most used by Windows 10 users throughout this 2019.

The most used antivirus in 2019

According to this latest published study, regardless of Windows Defender, the most widely used antivirus worldwide is Symantec, that is, Norton. In addition to being one of the security programs that get the best score in independent tests, this is installed by default on many of the OEM computers we buy. And given its proper functioning, many users bet on it.

Its solution for companies, Symantec Endpoint Protection, is also one of the most used in professional environments.Antivirus Market Share 2019

Secondly, we can meet ESET. This popular antivirus has gained excellent prestige since it was known as NOD32, protecting users from the main threats that can be found on the network.

The third of the antivirus preferred by users is McAfee. This is property of Intel also gets a good protection note and the coming installed in many OEM computers make it another of the most popular antivirus.

Below these antivirus we can find other well-known security companies, such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky or Avast, all of which are among the favorites by Windows 10 users.

How the antivirus trend has changed since 2018

If we look at the December chart of last year, we can realize that trends and user confidence has changed a lot. A year ago, the most used antivirus by users was AVAST, specifically its Free version, being one of the best free antivirus we could find to protect our computer.

Antivirus Market Share 2018

McAfee took second place, Malwarebytes third and Bitdefender fourth. As you can see, there is an important variation in terms of user confidence. Symantec antivirus, Norton, occupies the ninth position while today, in 2019, it is preferred by users. The opposite occurs with Malwarebytes, which has gone from being one of the favorites to one of the least used today.

Better Windows Defender or other security solution?

Users are now wondering: What antivirus should I use? Is a free one better than a paid one? Which is better?

Answering this question is very complicated. If we look at the security tests of AV-Test and AV-Comparatives we can see that virtually all antivirus passes the threat detection tests with note. None that is developed and maintained by a reliable security company will endanger our computer. Although some may offer more customization or precision than others.

Windows Defender is Microsoft's own antivirus. This is installed on Windows 10, is completely free and is one of the best marks obtained in security tests, being able to detect absolutely all threats. However, it is one of the slowest down the computer, especially when we run known applications or install new software.

We recommend, in case you don't want to complicate yourself, trust our security in Windows Defender. And if you don't trust Microsoft security software, then opt for another alternative. Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky are alternatives that will certainly not disappoint us.