Get a Closer Look: Download 4K Animal & Birds’ Eyes Theme for Windows 10

Being able to have a customized Windows 10 and adapted to our tastes and needs, is something that can help us to be more productive. This is something that Microsoft is aware of, so it tries to help us as far as possible with 4K themes, among other things.

And it is not only this software giant that wants its users to adapt their platforms and applications, but that is extensible to many other companies. We must bear in mind that in the current times we have, in most cases, very powerful equipment that supports graphic loads greater than a few years ago. This allows us to activate features that we could not before due to its high consumption of resources.

Thus, this is something that refers to both the functional and the aesthetic section, as we have seen so many times in Windows 10. Saying that both things are important when adapting something as important as the operating system to your needs. In this way, like Redmond's, they provide us with functions built into Windows 10, they also provide us with other means of personalization. This is the case of the widely used issues that the firm sends from time to time.

The truth is that Microsoft increasingly offers us a greater amount of these elements so that we can customize our desktop, such as these National 4K winter backgrounds . This is the case that we are going to present at the moment with two themes that you can use from now on. If something characterizes these, it is the enormous quality of the images that compose them. As the years have passed, the quality of the screens we use daily are better, so the photos we deal with must go accordingly.

Enjoy these 4K themes for Microsoft Windows 10

On the other hand we find another Microsoft theme, now called Wild Eyes PREMIUM that we can download from this link . As the name implies, the funds that compose it focus on spectacular photos of animal eyes. Of course, they are photos that are very attractive and wild in 4K quality, and that will give our Windows 10 desktop a very peculiar look.

Specifically, we will have at our disposal a total of 14 4K backgrounds of animal eyes that will be exchanged once we have downloaded and installed this component in Windows 10.