The Most Recommended iPads to Read

If you are looking for an iPad to read or that at least serves you for it among many other functions, in this article we will tell you which model you should choose. They all serve this purpose, but it is true that some are more comfortable than others and it will not always pay you back for a high investment if your purposes are not to make intensive use of the tablet.

Is it recommended to read on the iPad?

Today it is common to spend hours in front of computer screens, mobiles, tablets or televisions. Studies indicate that we have worse eyesight than we did a few decades ago, due in large part to the light of these devices. Therefore, based on this basis, we should minimize our exposure to these elements, but we must not dramatize either.

Most Recommended iPads to Read

Beyond the classic paper books, we have excellent electronic books for these purposes and that do not have light that can damage our sight, however these devices do not have more functionalities than this and therefore something essential is lost that if we have on iPads, such as being able to surf the internet, play games or contact other people through social networks.

Therefore, we can not say that a tablet like the iPad is the most suitable for reading, but the truth is that they have applications optimized for it and that can reduce the light emitted by the device. However, it is recommended to use glasses with anti-reflection filters for all types of prolonged exposure to screens.

iPad 2019, the best for its price

iPad 2019

Going to the point, the truth is that this is a highly recommended iPad for being the cheapest of those that Apple has. Obviously it is not the only reason, but we already start from an important base when analyzing this device for readers. It has a 10.2-inch screen that is more than enough size to read from online newspapers to ebooks or PDF documents.

The body of this device is not too bulky, with dimensions of 25.06 x 17.41 x 0.75 centimeters . It also has a weight of 483 grams in its WiFi version and 493 grams in the WiFi + Cellular that does not make it heavy or uncomfortable to transport either. But the highlight of this team is inside, since in addition to reading it will allow you to perform other actions such as navigation, use of office applications and even allow you to draw or write with the Apple Pencil. It has an A10 Fusion chip that will be more than enough for these uses and so it can continue to be updated for years, with the latest news from iPadOS.

iPad mini, its size is everything

iPad mini 5

If you are looking for an iPad whose size allows you to take it everywhere and that is extremely comfortable to have in hand, the iPad mini with its 7.9-inch screen is more than ideal. If you read at home the size could be indifferent to a certain point, but if you are used to reading on public transport, on the beach or other situations on the street, you will greatly appreciate the size of this team.

The most recommended is the latest model launched in 2019, although if you find a bargain in previous generations you will get similar experiences. This one we are referring to has a weight of 300.5 grams in its WiFi version and 308.2 grams in WiFi + Cellular. Its dimensions are 20.32 x 13.48 x 0.61 centimeters . It is also equipped with an A12 Bionic chip that is a very recent processor, so it will also allow you to perform other functions and also those related to Apple Pencil , since it is compatible.

Without reaching the price of the highest, such as the ‘Air’ and ‘Pro’ range, this latest generation iPad mini stands at prices that exceed 400 euros in its most basic version. That is why the iPad 2019 mentioned above could be placed in a better position, unless the size of this device is too uncomfortable for the ‘mini’.

Other options

The iPad Air and iPad Pro will also serve you for this function, although perhaps their size is not the most suitable for it. Neither its price or its improved specifications will be necessary since, as we said at the beginning, for many benefits it has it will be as useful as one with smaller features. You can read them, but we think that perhaps it does not make up for the price difference with the 2019 iPad and iPad mini if you are not going to use the device for more advanced functions.

In any case, remember that you can take a look at the article in which we show you the best apps to read on an iPad, since it will be very useful when you have decided to buy an Apple tablet for reading.

Once you get the iPad, whatever it is,