MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Program to Recover Files

There are more and more files with which we work on our Windows computers, which helps us greatly, but at the same time increases the risks. We say this because in parallel these files are more private or sensitive than in the past, so their loss can be a serious problem. But for this we can always use solutions such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery , which we are going to talk about.

In order to save disk space, we tend to remove from drives everything that we think is no longer necessary. However, on more occasions than we would like, this deletion is done too quickly. It is true that we always have the Windows Recycle Bin , but this is not always the solution. It is possible that we have emptied it, we have made a direct erase, or we simply have it deactivated.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Program to Recover Files

It is for all this that it can be the unpleasant case that we accidentally or not delete files that we should not have deleted. This can cause great displeasure, especially if we refer to important files, whether professional or personal. But we should not despair, since we still have a way out to recover them. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about in these lines. Specifically we refer to the MiniTool Power Data Recovery program.

But this is not the only solution of this type that we can get hold of right now. At the same time we can use the popular Piriform Recuva , software that we can download from this link . On the other hand, we can also opt for the use of RecoveryRobot Pro, a program that we use from the official website of its developers .


How MiniTool Power Data Recovery will help us in Windows

Well, to give us an idea, this is a software that basically is in charge of recovering those files that we have deleted. So, if they are not in the System Recycle Bin, these solutions can still be very helpful. And it is that the loss of files occurs from time to time. Whether by accidental deletion of files, the arrival of some malicious code, a disk failure, etc.

In fact these programs for the recovery of files, could be of help even with external storage devices such as memory cards or USB sticks. Therefore and as we mentioned, the program called MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives us the solution and makes possible the recovery of that data. We are talking about an application that presents us with a free modality for information recovery in Windows .

Interfaz MiniTool Power Data Recovery

In this way we could say that the main objective of the program is to recover lost files from the drives. For this, what it does is scan these drives in depth to restore the data of a damaged hard disk , for example. All this is carried out from a simple user interface. Of course, we must bear in mind that the free version will allow us to recover up to one giga of lost files.

Version gratis

How to recover files in MiniTool Power Data Recovery

To start we will tell you that as soon as you try to install the program, it recommends that we install it on another unit. In other words, it is not recommended to install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the same disk drive from which we want to recover files. Then, automatically, it will start with the scan as such, something that we can also cancel.

At that moment, all the disk drives and partitions of the same that have been detected in the operating system will appear on the screen.

Unidades lógicas

For its part, on the left side of the main interface is where we will see the shortcuts to other additional disk drives, if any. So, here we will see the USB sticks , or the CD / DVD drive. It is worth mentioning that to start the search for files accidentally deleted from any of the detected logical drives, just double-click on it. At that moment the process will begin as such.

Busqueda ficheros MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Recover and save files

Similarly, we must bear in mind that the duration of the process itself will depend on many other factors. Here elements such as the type of unit, its size, the space occupied, the power of the equipment , etc. already come into play. With everything and with it, once the work is finished, in the lower panel we will see a list with the detected components that were eliminated.

Next to each of them we will see a marker that will help us to select only those files that we really need to recover from the detected ones. Of course, at the same time we have the opportunity to recover everything that has been found from the same logical unit.

Once we have marked everything that interests us, we just have to click on the Save button to store what the program has recovered.

Versions and how to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

As we have previously mentioned, initially we have a free version of the program that we can download from its own website . However, depending on the use we are going to make of it, we will realize that its use is somewhat limited. Specifically, we mean that we can only recover a total of 1024 Mb, which translates into one giga of information.

Version pago MiniTool Power Data Recovery

In the event that we need to recover a higher amount of data, we will have to register the program, and pay the commercial version . Here we find a total of three variants, depending on the number of PCs and duration of the license obtained. So we will have a license for one year and a computer for $ 69.99, or for $ 99.99, we will have a license forever and for three computers.