Mobile Phones with an Electronic Ink Screen, Why You Might Need One

Mobile Phones with an Electronic Ink Screen

Mobile phones have evolved a lot in the last decade, we are obviously referring to smartphones. These have received many characteristics that in some aspects have made them different from each other. And mobile phones with electronic ink screens have been arriving with a dropper, and from there they have not happened. Could it be because they do not offer so many improvements regarding your mobile?

The reality is that there is no first-rate manufacturer that has offered a mobile of these characteristics. We have only met them over the years from not very well known firms, or well known in other emerging markets. But these mobiles have their audience, because they have some very interesting aspects.

Why buy a mobile of this type?

Few, but there are still relatively recent phone models that feature an e-ink display. This is the case of manufacturers such as HiSense , which at the end of last year launched an interesting terminal with these characteristics. A mobile with an electronic ink screen is aimed especially at those people who are looking for a terminal with which to read electronic books. If this is your case and what you do most throughout the week is reading books of this type, it can be a great choice.

móviles pantalla electronica

And it is that with this screen we can enjoy an exceptional display of books. In addition, these more modern models have backlighting , so that we can also read them at night. The other great advantage of these phones is that they have spectacular autonomy, so much so that we can count on the terminal on for several days with a charge. Therefore, without a doubt, the display of books and autonomy are the main reasons why you might want to have a phone with these characteristics.


And it is that its main virtue, the electronic ink screen to read texts in the best way on the mobile, becomes one of its main drawbacks. And is that these screens have very slow refresh rates. Compared to an LCD or OLED screen, we will notice a delay when displaying the contents on the screen, and therefore they are not suitable for playing games or watching videos. In addition to being monochrome, so you have to forget about colors. Of course, for other tasks such as surfing the Internet it can be an excellent choice, precisely to be able to read texts as if they were books.

móviles pantalla electronica

Therefore the greatest virtue of these phones are also their main drawback. If you are a user who eminently seeks to read books and perform basic tasks on a phone, there are even 5G ones, they can be a good option, because it offers you things that a traditional mobile will not be able to give you. But if not, it is very risky to get one of these terminals if we do not alternate its use with a traditional terminal.