Mobile brands with “pure” Android on their phones

The Android panorama is full of mobiles for all tastes and needs, where among its possibilities is the wealth of this great operating system open to the world. With a multitude of layers of customization that are added according to the needs of the manufacturers, those small or large extras that they are looking for.

Mobile brands with “pure” Android on their phones

However, Google always tries to bring life to the Stock version and with each new version it brings to the world a renewed system that will then serve as a basis for manufacturers. Although the vast majority of brands do not use Android in its pure state and prefer to modify it at will. This does not prevent there are many defenders of the base version, since its shortcomings have been disappearing.

What’s so special

Having a version of Android without other layers also has its strengths and why many prefer it before living with layers that do not always comply. Among the key elements that make the Stock option desirable are the following:

Fondos Android 12

  • Instant updates; without the need to wait for layering adaptations.
  • Security without waiting; because the monthly patches need almost no modification.
  • The first betas; as long as you try the latest in what Google works.
  • Less mistakes; Well, it is Google itself that works on the software that it later offers to others.
  • No unnecessary additions; Google adds exactly what we need and the rest will depend on Google Play.

Brands with stock Android

In the list of smartphones that opt for Android without any kind of customization layer, we find 4 major manufacturers, although one of them is on the line. Some brands that prefer to opt for the stock version, although that does not differentiate them, but it does provide them with quick updates and the rest of the advantages that we have known.


Of course, among the members of the world linked to pure Android is the developer Google. Through Google Pixel smartphones, the firm offers every year models that integrate this system without modifications. However, it does integrate extras that only the Pixels debut and that later come to other models also without layers. Its origin is based on the remembered Nexus, which opened the way.

Google Pixel 6 Pro


The old manufacturer Nokia boasts of the security offered by Android without layers on its mobiles, managing to be up-to-date at all times as soon as attacks or malware that may affect its mobiles are known. That is why the brand tries to differentiate itself in the market with designs designed for executives and senior positions, who are most concerned about the information stored on mobile phones and do not want to play with outdated layers of personalization.

nokia movil llamada


The old Motorola has long taken advantage of Android without changes, although it has always added extras without giving it a proper name. Some small modifications that have managed to arrive in the form of extra apps to support the user or with some minor change that did not even attract attention. Terminals mostly focused on a large public and seeking to give the best for a lower price.

Motorola Edge 20


We cannot forget Xiaomi, which in its great landing on the world market arrived accompanied by the Xiaomi Mi A1, later Mi A2 and Mi A3. Some terminals that although they liked at the time because they allowed us to forget about the problems and failures of MIUI, as well as having a more European style in the software , did not work. Xiaomi’s failures to update these models left the brand in evidence and it is difficult to imagine new launches.

Launchers to get it

On the contrary, if we do not want to get into a ROM change, we can also make any layer of customization become a mobile with a base Android. For this we use the launchers that best achieve it:

Nova launcher

One of the best-known launchers on the scene also offers us the possibility of installing icons and appearance modifications. Just by installing it on the mobile and also getting the Pixel-style icons , we will achieve our purpose. Even improving the Android experience, since it has more options than the software itself.

Action Launcher

Those who want a fluid, simple and light system, have all the native experience in this add-on. Very easy to install, without too many options, but offering exactly what we want. Perhaps a more suitable option than Android One mods or Android Go.

Android One and Android Go

Xiaomi y Android One

The programs developed by Google to achieve greater acceptance have not been successful and the models that have Android One and Android Go have not become benchmarks. They are terminals that benefit from practically the same as the Google Pixel, but, nevertheless, they do not transmit the same security, especially due to the many problems that they have given.

The fall in the prices of smartphones has made Android Go lose sense, being a software designed for limited models . It has become a better option to buy a smartphone with a well-optimized personalization layer, rather than live with a half-throttle system.

Can the layers be removed?

In case we have a smartphone with which we are contained in hardware and we want to transform it into a Google Pixel with Android in its purest form, there are options. This is something that few know, however thanks to ROMs we can achieve it . Both in Xiaomi and Samsung terminals, among others, we can make the smartphone look without layers of personalization, or additions and also improve performance.

root android

But this is not something simple, in addition to that it entails rooting the mobile and therefore losing the manufacturer’s warranty. In the forums of the network we come across modifications developed by users that allow us with a series of complex steps, to say goodbye to the modifications of the manufacturers. We only recommend doing it on mobiles without warranty and that we no longer need, but we can leave them focused on sporadic use at home.

An uncertain future

Although Google will continue to work on the new versions of the software, it is difficult to know what ends up happening with the operating system that seems to be on track to become a unique benchmark for the Google Pixel. The brands that rely on this clean option of the operating system are not growing and that may take its toll, following the same path as Xiaomi.