How to Fix Battery Problems on Samsung Phones

The battery is one of the most crucial elements of our mobile. When it starts to fail, the whole experience of our smartphone can go to waste. There are several reasons why the battery can start to fail, but only one so they only have a six-month warranty: it is one of the most sensitive elements and most affected by the user’s hand.

Fix Battery Problems on Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are also not free from this type of problem . Today we wanted to take a look at the most common ones. Ultimately, our battery may require a professional and its replacement, worse before there are several things we can do to try to alleviate or solve the problem.

It gets very hot

There are several indications that put us on the track that the battery is not going well. The most common are usually an abnormally short duration, warm-ups or even problems when charging . Let’s take a look at all of them, looking at the most suitable solutions for each one.

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That the mobile gets hot is one of the most common causes and possibly the first to arise when something begins to go wrong. Sometimes it can be a security measure, but in others we will have to be very careful, since it could be damaged or cause damage to our mobile. As Samsung itself explains, if the temperature rises too much, it can slow down the device’s charging speed or even slow down. In addition, the brightness of the screen and the speed of the device automatically decrease to reduce the temperature of the device, as a security measure. We will also note that the running apps will be closed and only the emergency calls feature will be available until the phone cools down.

Let it rest

It may be that we have been playing for a long time, or that we are using the GPS in the car and the sun is affecting our mobile. This and similar cases will cause the battery to overheat , which is not beneficial and will hamper performance. Ideally, turn it off and let it rest until it cools down and returns to its normal temperature.

Cargal precautions

If we are using a traditional charger, it is not recommended to use the mobile while it is in the process of charging, since the temperature will increase excessively. Further. If we use a wireless charger, we will not have to place objects such as magnetic stripe cards, magnets or metallic objects between the device and the wireless charger. The most important thing is not to place RFID cards (radio frequency identification cards), credit cards or smart lock cards between the device and the back of the charger. If we do it, not only can the battery heat up, but we can also damage the charging device.

Original accessories

This recommendation is made by us, made by Samsung and made by any manufacturer. It is important to use only Samsung chargers, batteries and cables . The use of a third-party adapter or cable may cause performance problems, failure or damage, which will also not be covered by the warranty. We will have to test with an original accessory to see if the problem disappears, since many heating problems are a problem of generic accessories of dubious quality.

Dust and dirt

It is very important to prevent dust, sand or dirt from entering the slot of the charger . This will create a risk of overheating due to corrosion or a temporary short circuit of the port socket. To solve this, we can clean the chargers often, or buy dust caps for the charging port, which work very well.

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Restart the mobile

Sometimes, battery heating problems can be caused by an application that has been “stuck” in the background, consuming resources and energy permanently. To check it, we must restart the mobile, to check if the battery no longer heats up.

The battery life is short

It is another of the most common problems. It does not matter if the mobile is new or has a time, since overnight, its autonomy may start to be much less than usual, without being able to find an apparent explanation . If we are not satisfied with autonomy , we should try the following solutions.

Activate saving modes

We will have to enter Settings / Battery and inside, we can see the different saving modes to make the battery last longer . We can choose one of the following:

  • Medium Power Saver Mode – This mode reduces the screen resolution and brightness. Also, apps in the background stop using Wi-fi or mobile data. Always On Display is kept disabled and CPU speed is limited.
  • Maximum Power Saving Mode: This mode reduces screen resolution and brightness. Some functions (AOD) and applications are also disabled. As before, CPU speed is limited and background application data is restricted. To save even more energy, Night Mode is activated.

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Calibrate the battery

It is a solution that has been working for years, and that is still very valid to correct battery performance problems . The method is to calibrate the battery. For this we will have to turn off the mobile to close all the active processes of the system. Then we turn it on again and proceed to charge the mobile to 100% of its capacity and always with the original charger. After this step we must leave it connected for at least an additional hour. Once done, we should notice an improvement in its performance and take longer to download than before. It is advisable to do this process manually, and not to use third-party apps that are usually a paid field for malware.

Adjust network search

That our mobile is continually looking for the best mobile network configuration supposes a huge energy cost. If we are also in an unstable area of coverage, the battery will be greatly resented, as it will continuously alternate between one type of coverage and another. To avoid it we will have to go to the network settings, entering Settings / Connections / SIM cards / Network mode. Once inside, click on the network mode and touch on 3G or 4G. In this way we deactivate the automatic network search mode that makes the battery drain faster.

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Other tricks to save battery

If we add the following recommendations to the above, it is very possible that we recover the normal autonomy of our device , and the autonomy problems disappear.

  • Turn off the device screen whenever it is not used by pressing the side key.
  • Close all unnecessary applications.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, or NFC when not in use.
  • Turn off automatic syncing of apps
  • Lower the brightness of the screen.

When it doesn’t load

This situation is one of the worst that we can find. In some it may be a minor problem, but in others it may require the help of the Technical Service, since the battery may have been damaged or it may be an internal problem with the charging port . But before requesting the appointment with the technician, we can check on our own some points to try to solve it.

Cable or adapter problem

If the mobile does not charge, we will have to first check both the charging cable and the adapter of our Samsung mobile. In this case we must alternate, changing the cable first, and then the charger or trying a totally different set of cable and charger. Likewise, it is recommended to try another load socket or change the position if you are using a power strip. At this point, it should be remembered again that we must use the original brand charger, to ensure the best performance and avoid charging problems.

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Is it the USB port?

Very often, due to continued use, the internal component of the load has moved and the contact does not take place correctly. In this case, we can introduce a fine element such as a pin through the USB port to try to straighten it again, but without forcing the piece. When we think it is already on your site we will try to load it again to see if the problem has disappeared.

Look at the battery detail

If the terminal does not charge but we still have enough battery, a good option may be to install an application specialized in information about our battery. There are many on Google Play, but Accubattery is one of the best, best known, and most highly rated. It offers specific information about the health or wear associated with the apps. It also offers real-time information while it is plugged into the current, so we will see the intensity of the load, however low it may be.

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Guilty apps

It is also possible that the problem is due to an application that is interrupting the loading process. In this case we must go to settings / battery to review the battery consumption of the device. If there is an app that is consuming so much battery that the phone stops charging , we must eliminate it immediately. To fully resolve doubts, we will have to turn off the phone and charge it. If it charges well when it is turned off, there is no doubt that some software is interrupting the charging process.