Minecraft Earth Now Available on Android for Free Download

Minecraft Earth is the new Mojang game, an evolution of the traditional Minecraft, free and exclusive for mobile phones. After a beta period the game is now available for all Android users: run to download it.

Like Pokémon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite , Minecraft Earth uses augmented reality for us to play. Thus, we must travel the real world to collect materials to create our constructions and collaborate in constructions of friends.minecraft-earth

During our walks we will also discover animals, which we can breed. Most are animals that we have already seen in the original Minecraft, but there will also be new creatures.

As you can see, Minecraft Earth is intended as a collaborative experience and as an excuse to do some physical exercise while we play.

The only requirement to play Minecraft Earth is to have a mobile phone compatible with Android 8.0 or later , so if you have a model with another operating system you must comply with the classic Minecraft mobile or try another of the excellent games in augmented reality.