Amazon Music: Amazon’s Spotify will be Free for Everyone

For some time, Amazon has had Amazon Music, a streaming music service similar to Spotify and that was free for Prime users. This service will become free for everyone, without paying € 36 (or other rates depending on where you live) of Prime.

Amazon Music has a catalog of about 2 million songs, which will now be free for everyone. The only limitation if you do not have Prime is that from time to time ads will be heard on the service, in the same way as Spotify does. In addition, it will have other listening limitations, such as the rival service

Mind you, do not confuse Amazon Music with Amazon Music Unlimited, the Amazon music service that is always paid (€ 9.99 in Spain) and offers much more music and services. This mode does not change.

For now, Amazon Music is available to everyone in selected territories. The Amazon company is testing the expansion of the service in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. In these 3 countries users can sign up for the service without going through Prime and listen to the music they want through the platform's website, from an iOS or Android phone, from the Fire TV or from the Amazon smart speaker Threw out.

Hopefully this free service will soon be extended to everyone.