Mighty: the Web Browser that Runs in the Cloud and Saves Battery

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and also one of the most resource consuming. Any free RAM memory space it sees, it eats it up, adapting the open tabs to the capabilities of the computer. But, what if you could use a faster browser, which does not consume RAM, but is paid?

That’s what Mighty offers, a web browser that actually works in the cloud . Thus, instead of using the browser on your computer, you are running it in the cloud on a server for you with a dedicated 1 Gbps connection.


Longer battery life – you’re streaming

Thanks to this functionality, websites load much faster, like web apps, with the advantage that the computer is not wasting RAM, CPU or GPU resources, since all it is doing is streaming a signal video that consumes practically no resources on the computer. Thanks to this, you make the laptop battery last longer.

This service is not the first of its kind to hit the market. Back in 2012, OnLive offered a remote browser for $ 5 a month, with a pretty good speed too. Even in Europe there is already a service called Shadow that, for 12.99 euros per month , allows you to run your own complete computer in the cloud, including graphics card. With it, you can use it to play with your own Steam or Epic Games library, in addition to using the web browser.

However, Mighty defends that by focusing exclusively on offering a browser service (which costs twice as much as Shadow), it can offer services that others do not, such as better integration with the operating system. With this, they can, for example, introduce notifications if we receive a call from Zoom, search between Google documents, etc. All keystrokes and activity in the browser are encrypted.

They initially wanted to offer streaming from a computer running full Windows 10. However, they found in the tests that the majority of users who used the service used the web browser for most of the time. Therefore, they decided to focus on it, creating their own browser based on Chromium.

Mighty costs $ 30 a month: too expensive

$ 30 is a high price for such a simple service, where anyone who can afford that price per month can also afford to buy a powerful computer that allows them to do more. For what the service costs in three years, you can buy a gaming laptop without worrying about performance problems.

One of the reasons for using it may be if you don’t have any way to have a fast Internet connection at home, where for example with 20 Mbps you may have problems loading depending on what content, but with that connection you can stream in Full HD. However, the company claims that it recommends speeds of 80 Mbps.

Each browser has 16 vCPUs running on servers with dual Xeon processors, with frequencies up to 4 GHz. They also have NVIDIA graphics cards (no models said) and 16 GB of RAM. In total, they claim to be able to run over 50 tabs with no performance issues. On your PC, however, the service only consumes 500 MB of RAM, running at 60 FPS and in 4K . Therefore, either you pay, or you use tricks to reduce the consumption of RAM in Chrome.