How Battery Saving Mode Works on iPhone

There are many ways to save battery life on an iPhone, and it is that especially in models with low battery capacities it can be an ordeal to reach the end of the day. However, there is a native method created for this and about which there are really many doubts and it is none other than the iOS battery saving mode , which has been with us for a few years and is still a great unknown for many. Does it really work or is it useless? We analyze it.

How Battery Saving Mode Works on iPhone

What does the iPhone do when this mode is activated

The first thing you should know, if you didn’t already know, is how to activate this low-power mode on your iPhone. Regardless of the model you have, it is accessible from Settings> Battery, all you have to do is activate the “Low Power Mode” tab. Although there is a shortcut from the control center, as long as you have added it there. If you go to Settings> Control Center you will be able to verify if you have added this option to have its quick adjustment. You will differentiate whether or not it is activated with the naked eye by seeing the color of the battery icon, since when it is activated we can see the battery in yellowish color.


Apple specifies that when activating this mode, there are several processes that are deactivated or that decrease their intensity. When it is active it does not check for a new email, background updates freeze as do automatic downloads, some visual effects are removed, iCloud photos do not upload if they are not activated manually, 5G is disabled and iPhone locks automatically when 30 seconds pass without use.

How it works in real life

With the aforementioned it is evident that there are many actions that the phone stops carrying out. They are not chosen at random and it is precisely these that tend to consume the most battery throughout the day. So if we could say that it works and it shows. It is difficult to talk about how much exact battery percentage can be saved with this mode, since in the end it will depend on the iPhone you have and especially the use you make of it while it is active.

Keep in mind that despite having this functionality activated, if you are using the iPhone in the meantime you will continue to consume system resources and therefore the battery will decrease. Applications such as social networks are usually the most consuming, since they require the internet and load a lot of content. Therefore it is possible that if you browse through any of these while you have this mode, you will not end up noticing the battery saving so much (although you will save a certain battery).

bajo consumo bateria iphone ios

Not to mention the fact of executing heavier tasks such as photo, video or audio editing. These require all the power of the processor, which makes the consumption very large. The same happens if you are recording video continuously and on top of that you do it at the highest resolution. In these cases, we could say that it is of little use to have the low consumption mode activated.

It must be said that, except for the functions that it deactivates, it is not a bad thing to use this functionality. In fact, there are those who have been in this active mode most of the time and this does not negatively affect the health of the battery, but it is true that many times it is absurd to deprive yourself of the functions that it deactivates if there really is no urgency to save battery. That is why the situation in which we recommend using it is when you have a low battery level (30% or less) and you estimate that you will not arrive in time to a place where you can charge the iPhone. In any case, it is always advisable to combine this function with other methods such as the ones we discussed in the article that we linked to at the beginning of this post.