MiFi vs Tethering: advantages and disadvantages

mifi-vs-tetheringHaving an Internet connection today is essential in many cases. Most users have Internet on their mobile in a stable way thanks to the rates that offer data. This allows you to navigate from almost anywhere. Now this does not happen when we are going to use a Tablet or a laptop. We may not have a Wi-Fi network and need an alternative to connect to the Internet. In this article we are going to talk about MiFi and Tethering options. We will explain your positive and negative points.

Connect to the Internet with a MiFi

A MiFi device is basically a portable router that we can take with us and use anywhere. Of course, you have to keep in mind that it works using a SIM card. A 4G router will require mobile coverage where we want to connect other devices.

Thanks to this type of device we can connect a series of equipment at the same time. It basically acts as if it were the home router, but it works through the mobile network. This makes it have its advantages and disadvantages, as we will explain.

Advantages of using MiFi

  • One of the advantages is that we will have more facility to connect multiple devices without losing performance. It is normal for a 4G or MiFi router to connect at least 10 devices. It is a good solution for several people or to connect several computers at the same time.
  • It should also be noted that most have an external battery , so we will not have to connect it to the power continuously. In general it offers more autonomy than if we share the Internet with the mobile.
  • Another obvious advantage is that it offers better performance . We will suffer less overheating, loss of signal and gain in connection quality. After all, it is a device exclusively designed for this.
  • One more advantage is the increased security . A MiFi or pocket WiFi device has better encryption and more guarantees to prevent cyber attacks that compromise the security of our equipment.

Disadvantages of using a MiFi device

  • The main drawback is the cost. Regarding Tethering with the mobile we will have to buy an independent device that can sometimes be quite expensive if we want quality.
  • It is also a problem to have to charge with the device , even if it has a small size. It is less comfortable in this regard than simply using the mobile.
  • On the other hand, another important inconvenience is that we are going to have to put a SIM card . If it is not an independent we will have to leave our mobile without the card.

Pocket WiFi

Connect to the Internet through Tethering

Another option we have to connect other devices to the Internet is through Tethering . It is a widely used technology, since most mobile phones allow sharing the connection today quickly and easily.

As in the previous case it has its advantages and disadvantages. We will explain what they are and thus be able to choose what suits us best according to our needs.

Advantages of connecting with Tethering

  • One of the main advantages is that we will not have to buy any additional device . We will simply use our mobile to share the connection with other devices.
  • We will not have to remove the SIM card from the mobile to use it on another device. This is something that many users value very positively.
  • Another advantage is that in general it will be easier and faster to use. We will not have to configure much and it will be available in a matter of seconds even if we have not used it before.

Disadvantages of connecting with Tethering

  • One of the main drawbacks is the battery consumption of our mobile. This can be a drag in many situations where we want to work with the computer connected to the Internet through the mobile.
  • The capacity it offers is also a problem. Logically the performance will be lower than that of a MiFi. Normally, we cannot connect many devices and the capacity is reduced.
  • A final drawback is the fact of having a simpler configuration , which can also influence security.