Account Suspended on WhatsApp: Reasons, Causes and Solutions

Although we use WhatsApp every day and every hour, we are not aware of the risks that the messaging application entails or how to behave in it. We believe that everything is allowed but it is not so and it is possible that WhatsApp punishes you by blocking your account for some improper use. If you have a suspended account on WhatsApp , we analyze what the reasons may be, how you can solve it or how you can prevent this from happening again on the platform.

First, you may have an account suspended in WhatsApp permanently or only temporarily. In each case you will see a different message.

Phone number suspended

If you see the message “Your phone number is suspended in WhatsApp. Contact Support for help ”is because the application has detected that you have violated the service conditions. You can review these WhatsApp Terms of Service to find out what you could or what the reasons might be. If you do not understand why the suspension, you can contact WhatsApp through email and promise to review the cases to find out what happened.

To try to activate our account again, we must send an email to the WhatsApp support address . In this email you must explain the situation and argue why you think the ban has been a mistake as well as request the reactivation of the account if they consider it appropriate from the platform. Once the email is sent you will only have faith and wait for a response

There are many reasons why they can suspend you on WhatsApp and it is important that you consider it to avoid it before it is too late.


Why can they suspend you on WhatsApp?

The messaging application itself makes it very clear in its terms and conditions that performing a series of things can lead to disabling and we cannot use the chat service or create another account without your permission. There are things that are prohibited and that would mean the “expulsion” of the app.

Reasons to suspend yourself on WhatsApp are:

  • Automatic, massive or unwanted messages that have been programmed or not. Do not try to contact users who do not want you to talk to them, do not create groups without authorization or use modified versions of WhatsApp that you have downloaded.
  • Abuse of broadcast lists that annoy others. If the application receives several reports from your account and complaints from other users for this practice, it will block you.
  • Use contact lists that you don’t know and that you have obtained from illegal sources, buying data or phone numbers from someone and using them to spam or to try to sell something.
  • Violation of the WhatsApp Terms of Service . For example, share in conversations all kinds of material that incites hatred, racist material, threatening, intimidating content …

Account temporarily suspended

In the event that the suspension is temporary, you will see a different message informing you that your account has been “temporarily suspended” along with a stopwatch that tells you how much time you have left until you use your chats again. In this second case, the reason for the suspension is usually to have used unofficial applications such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, for example. It is important that you return as soon as possible to the official version so that you are not suspended forever.

How to switch to the official version of WhatsApp

If you have a temporarily suspended account on WhatsApp, leave the third-party application and go to the official version to make sure you can continue using your chats. Make a backup of your conversations, uninstall the app you are using and use WhatsApp.

In GB WhatsApp

In the case of GB WhatsApp, before switching to the official version, save and transfer the chat history so as not to lose them during the process. Do it once the temporary suspension ends (you will see a stopwatch on the screen)

  • Go to GB WHatsApp
  • Touch the option More options and Chats
  • Go to Backup
  • Go to phone settings
  • Touch on storage
  • Choose the file option
  • Find the GB WhatsApp folder and select it
  • Click on “More” and Rename
  • Change name to “WhatsApp”
  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Install the official WhatsApp app
  • Restore the available backup

In WhatsApp Plus

If the application you have is WhatsApp plus instead of GB WhatsApp, the chat history is automatically transferred to the official version of the service without you doing anything. Simply download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store, verify your number and restore the available backup. You will use your account again normally and the ban will be over while you use the official version.

cuenta suspendida en WhatsApp

Responsible use of WhatsApp

To prevent them from permanently blocking your account, the messaging application has a “responsible use” guide that explains how to use the platform without violating its service conditions and without disturbing others. These are some of the best tips to avoid having a suspended account on WhatsApp:

  • Get permission from people and only get in touch with those who have given you their phone number or have asked you to speak to them. According to WhatsApp, it is better to give your number to someone to write to you. And if you are the one who is going to write, do it respectfully and explaining who you are, what you want or where you got the mobile phone.
  • Use group controls to keep calm in all those in which you are an administrator. WhatsApp group administrators can choose who sends messages and thus avoid unwanted content on the chats.
  • Do not forward confidential information or content
  • Respect people’s decisions and don’t insist if they don’t want you to send them messages. Also, do not add groups to other users if they have not asked to be added or do not want to be in the group.

WhatsApp sin código de verificacion