Microsoft Edge, New Application Available for Windows 11

Microsoft Edge, New Application Available for Windows 11

Almost a month ago Microsoft released all the details of Windows 11 its new operating system, of which it is now possible to download its first official version (Insider) and which should see the light before the end of the year. Microsoft’s new bet has raised many expectations, thanks to its renewed user interface, as well as performance and productivity improvements.

One of the most surprising news that the Redmond announced was the promise that we will be able to run basic applications (Win32) by downloading them directly from the Windows 11 Application Store. Since the announcement occurred, developers have not been slow to start adapt your applications so that they can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. In fact, we can already find applications such as WinZip, Zoom, OBS Studio, Canva, Acrobat Reader DC, etc.

Edge comes to Windows 11 as a classic app

Now it has been the company itself that seems to start adding its own applications to the new Windows 11 Store. Starting today, users of the Insiders version of Windows 11 that have the new Microsoft Store will be able to check how the Microsoft’s web browser, Edge, is already included for download as a classic app. If we want to download it, we must search for it as Microsoft Edge Browser within the store application. In it we will see how the name of the developer is mentioned to Microsoft Corporation II . This, it is presumed, may be the new account for official applications for Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge Browser

It will only be necessary to click on the Install button to download Edge like any other application available in the store. Once downloaded, the installer will request administrator permissions to proceed with the installation of the web browser. Although there is still no official confirmation in this regard, it is expected that Microsoft will carry out the entire process of future Edge updates through the Store, so that the entire process of updating the application is streamlined, something that its users will appreciate.

Descargar Microsoft Edge Browser

Edge extensions and other tests for the Store

The arrival of Edge to the Windows Store 11 was expected as something imminent. Above all, when a few weeks ago Microsoft announced new content that we can download from this platform, such as extensions for Edge . In this way, you will have your own extension store with add-ons developed for your browser, in order to avoid compatibility problems.

The extensions will have a specific section within the Windows 11 Store. In this way, they obtain greater visibility and thus facilitate the search and downloads of these add-ons from the store. This has caused that the first extensions like Outlook and LastPass are already available in the store.

Lastly, Microsoft is testing a beta version of DevTools for Edge. The current version that is available in the Store is similar to the public version, although it is expected that Microsoft will add new functions.