How to merge videos on Android and iOS mobiles

There are many users who are looking for different tools to be able to put together those clips that they recorded with the camera of their smartphone separately, having to resort to external apps or other ways such as using computer programs. However, we already have a way to get it on our own mobiles, regardless of whether they are Android or iPhone.

And it is that, with the boom of social networks, there are many people who continually want to merge the clips that they have captured with their smartphones. For this reason, we will explain the different possibilities that we have at our disposal to merge videos from a mobile. And not only through third-party apps, but we will also find other options that will be just as valid.

join videos on Android and iOS mobiles

Do it with Google Photos

In many Android phones, depending on the mobile’s own personalization layer, it is likely that we already have Google Photos as standard . In the case of iPhones, we will have to download this tool from the App Store to be able to start working with it on our smartphone. In any case, the first thing we must do is install this software in the terminal:

This is a Google app that can not only collect all the multimedia files that we are capturing with our smartphone’s camera or that are sent to us, but will also serve us for other functions such as mergeng different videos into one from the telephone.

It doesn’t matter how you decided to record these videos or what application you decided to capture those clips with, the important thing is that we can create a complete one from all those shots that we have been collecting on the mobile device. So when you’re clear about which media files you want to merge, it’s time to move on to using Google Photos to create your movie.

The first thing we should do is open the Google Photos application. Then, we will have to go to the app’s library to find the video merger tool . After this, you will have to click on Utilities > Movie > New Movie > Select the clips you want to merge (keep in mind that we will have a maximum of selectable files, specifically 50, whether they are videos or images) > Click on create.

Unir vídeos con Google Fotos desde el móvil

This option serves you both to create movies with photos and videos, everything will depend on the needs of each user, that is, on what we are looking for at that moment. Within this editor we will see how we can view each clip or image that we have added, although they will not be the only options available. If we look closely, we will also see an icon of a musical note with which we can add a music source that we want, or check the No music option so that nothing sounds. More than anything, because Google Photos will put a serial song if we do not establish this last option.

We will also have a selector to choose the part of the video that we want to finally put in the movie that we are going to create. And if you want to take the opportunity to make a small cut or not, we will have an adjustment tool to choose the entire duration in each of the clips that we are going to merge.

Herramienta de vídeo Google Fotos

Also, keep in mind that media files are merged from top to bottom , so the one on top will appear first. If the order is wrong, you can slide it to change its order, by holding down on it and dragging it to the correct position. When you are done, you will have to click on Save.

The process is generally very fast, everything will depend on the size you have. However, if you go to the gallery of your phone you will not find the final result, since it is stored directly in Google Photos. Therefore, to see it you must go to the app and click on the Search section > Videos .

In case you want to download it to your mobile, you will have to touch the video to open it large and then click on the three points that will appear at the top right. At that moment, a menu will be displayed from below with different options, among which Download will appear, with which you will finally have a copy of your creation. You’ll probably find it in your file manager, plus you’ll get a notification that the download is complete.

Other options

Leaving aside the previous option, the truth is that it will not be to everyone’s taste. For this reason, we will give you three more possibilities with which to create the perfect video by merging different clips . And best of all, it will be using only your mobile device.

with a website

This first option will be through a website that we can find on the net. To do this, we just have to click here: Clideo . Once inside, we will have to click on the Upload files option. Depending on the operating system that we have, it will give us the choice of one or another way of uploading the multimedia files that we want to . Although, if we click on the down arrow icon, other options will be displayed: Google Drive and Dropbox.

unir vídeos Clideo

When uploading a video, it will be processed and then an editing tool will appear with which we can add more clips or images that we want. However, it will not leave us the option to edit the time limit or add music. Once we finish merging all the multimedia files, we must click on the Export option. When the export is finished, it will let us remove the watermark by creating an account, edit it again and download it to the phone.

from an app

One of the best options to merge videos on Apple and Android mobiles will be the BeeCut application. We can download this tool from the following links:

Once installed on our phone, what we will have to do is open it and click on the + button to then choose the photos or videos that we want to merge. Once we select the multimedia files, we will enter the editing tool and we will have the option to choose the time limit of each of the clips . Also, from the + button, we will add more files. Once finished, it will give us different options to export it, giving us the choice of the final resolution of the multimedia file.