How to know why the mobile works slow

The mobile has become our work tool, game console and is basically capable of doing the same as our computers. This leads us to think about possibilities that go further and that allow us to learn what happens inside the phone, everything that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Among the most important, are the services and processes that run in the background on the mobile . Something that allows us to find out the causes why the phone is now slower than before or because in some circumstances it takes longer to load applications than others. Information that the system itself will give us and that will be very useful on any smartphone.

know why the mobile works slow

What does your mobile do?

To get to know this data that is hidden in the Android mobile system, we have to become developers or it will be impossible for us to obtain them. This luckily is something that is available to anyone, regardless of the smartphone we have or the version. The only requirement is to have Android 7.0 onwards, as it was the version in which this novelty was introduced.

To become developers and know all the data, we just have to follow these steps that we indicate:

  1. We enter the Mobile Settings.
  2. We turn to the phone information.
  3. We repeatedly tap on Build number until the message confirming the process appears.

opciones desarrollador android

Once this first step is completed, we are closer to the goal, which is to know all those running processes that we cannot see otherwise. The following is to launch the advanced options that we have activated on our phone, with these steps:

  1. We access the Settings of the smartphone.
  2. We enter the System.
  3. We select Options for developers.
  4. We are looking for Services in execution.
  5. We choose it and we will have everything we need to know.

Here all the processes that the Android mobile is using appear in real time, among which there will be all kinds of services and applications. If we start it just after restarting the smartphone, we will see a continuous movement of everything that happens and in real time the memory bar used by the system, the applications and the free space bar will be affected.

servicios en ejecución android

In this way, we have within our reach the ability to know which applications are running even if they are not among multitasking and, therefore, those that are using and depleting the RAM of the Android mobile , causing its corresponding slowness and malfunction.

Running apps

We can know something more about all these services in which the smartphone works if we touch on any of them. Among what you will inform us on some occasions of the reasons why it is underway. Sometimes, solely with the intention of receiving notifications and news, others to be ready in case we use it.

aplicacion en ejecucion android

It also shows us what processes is the one that has caused it to start, since sometimes it can come from another app that has needed it, for example the gallery can be opened from WhatsApp to access a photo.

Cached processes

We will discover other slightly different information by tapping on the three points at the top and choosing Cached processes . Data that reveals exactly all the apps that are currently part of the mobile cache. Services do not appear here and therefore it may be more useful for the user to know what all the RAM is taking.

app cache android

This panel is also organized in order of use and as soon as you reload it, it shows the amount of MB that each one of them consumes, which means which ones consume more and which ones less. To be fair, we should check everything based on the notifications we are receiving or updates that each app runs in the background.

And on iPhone?

We have been able to verify that in the Android operating system, this is a really easy process and that it gives us many details of what happens on the mobile in its gut. However, the same does not happen with iPhones, Apple smartphones have their limitations, as they are a closed operating system, they do not allow us to know what services are running on iOS.

iOS 14 PiP

The simple way to find out is taking into account the apps that we have in multitasking, although that is not really true. Although that is not really true and many other services are running without our knowledge. To be aware of them, we will have to jailbreak, so we will have no guarantee and we will be putting our data in trouble.

After that, we will have to connect the device to the computer and use the commands to know all the processes that are being used at this moment through the top or ps aux instructions. They will be updated as in Android continuously and thus we will know what happens inside.

The tricks to speed it up

Now that we know where the problem comes from that our mobile phone is much slower in a few moments or with the passage of time, we will think that we can close everything and forget about it. However, this is not so simple and it is that by forcing the closure of a service we could be causing an internal error, if it is something the system depends on. Yes, we will be able to make modifications to avoid that those apps that consume the most RAM , do not do so as often.

By restricting the capabilities of said app or service along with the battery, we will be telling the system to continually stop allowing it to work. It does not assure us that it will never start, although it will cease to be so constant. Something that we can do in any personalization layer, although first we must know that this process may mean that we stop receiving notifications or alerts associated with it. To choose them, you just have to follow these instructions:

  1. We enter Settings.
  2. We go down to Battery.
  3. We select Battery use.
  4. We choose the desired app or apps.
  5. We change the option to Restricted.