How to Measure Temperature and Control Fever with Your Mobile

We live in a time when temperature control will become somewhat mandatory . The infrastructures of our country are being prepared so that these temperature controls can take place in any public or private place where there is an influx of people. But the first control must be in ourselves, so our mobile can also be of great help in this regard.

Measure Temperature and Control Fever with Your Mobile

Our mobiles are chargers of sensors and technology that can be adapted for a large number of uses, as we have many times. In controlling the temperature in the days of COVID-19, we know that even a Mi Band 4 can help us in this task. Now we can do the same at all times, through an accessory that fits in the pocket and works with the energy of our mobile.

accesorio medir temperatura con el movil

Will it be integrated into mobile phones?

We are also beginning to hear that many mobile manufacturers will take advantage of new infrared cameras to integrate temperature gauges . Meanwhile, any mobile phone that has a 3.5 headphone jack can be very useful to control the temperature at all times and keep an accurate control of the history.

medir la fiebre con el movil

Measure the temperature with our mobile

In this case we will have to get hold of a control accessory such as Oblumi tapp, which is connected to our mobile phone through the headphone jack, to have enough energy to operate at all times. With this accessory we can measure the temperature in the forehead or in the ear in seconds. This is possible thanks to the accessory integrating an infrared sensor that reflects the results in its compatible app.

historial temperaturas app movil

Compatible App

The app is available for iPhone and Android and as we say, the only requirement is to have a 3.5 headphone jack. We will be able to access a historical temperature record and even create patient profiles to share with a doctor or to keep under control in the case of being a medical professional. In addition, we can configure alarms to create reminders about the temperature taking and send it to the contacts with whom we share information. This accessory can be purchased from Amazon and is priced at 29.95 euros. Likewise, its app is available both on Google Play and on the AppStore.