How to Unlink Mi Account from Xiaomi or Redmi Mobiles

Xiaomi mobiles have, in addition to the Google email account that gives access to services and applications, a gutter called Mi. This is used to generate a backup and link the different Xiaomi devices in a single account, its functionalities are many but when we change our mobile we must not forget to unlink the account so as not to leave information.

Unlink Mi Account from Xiaomi or Redmi Mobiles

The Mi account is the same one that we use to create a backup on Xiaomi and allows us to keep contacts, photos and other information safe. Even if we decide to unlink the Mi account from the mobile, we will not lose all this information since the gutter is associated and remains in the cloud for when we need it or use another Xiaomi mobile.

Unlink My account from mobile

The first steps that we must follow are going to be done from our own smartphone in case we still have it and it is available, if not we can go to the next step directly.

  • First of all we access the device settings.
  • We look for the option called “My Account” and enter.
  • Now we just have to click on close session and confirm.

cerrar sesión mi xiaomi

In this way our mobile will be disconnected from the gutter but not inversely. In our Mi account there will continue to be information about the device in case we ever want to use it again. This also happens with Google accounts, which remain linked to our mobile phone in case we need them in the future.

How to delete all information from the Mi gutter

The next thing we have to do is delete the traces that remain in the Mi account, something that we will do from another device. It will be simpler and easier to do it from a computer, but on mobile phones or tablets it can also be done. First of all we go to the Xiaomi Cloud website and access with our account, the same one that we had used on our mobile. We can choose if we want to enter with the email, username or phone number without forgetting the prefix of our country.

xiaomi cloud mi

After accessing we will find a page with several options among which are the elements that are kept safe in the Xiaomi cloud , we will touch on the settings wheel and then we will be able to see the information of our account, as well as the devices that there are linked.

eliminar movil xiaomi cuenta mi

Finally, we only have to click on one of the devices that we want to eliminate and we will confirm the action of unlinking the Xiaomi mobile . From this moment on our mobile and in our account there will be no trace of this mobile.