Maximum alert with calls from 917717446

Here at our site we frequently report phone numbers that you should not pick up . In most cases, these are annoying phone spam calls that will surely not interest you, but today’s notice on 917717446 is much more important, as it can save you from a possible scam related to your energy company.

If you have received a call from 917717446 recently, it is better not to answer. We tell you why.

Maximum alert with calls from 917717446

Who calls from 917717446?

Behind this apparently harmless call from 917717446, which is still a landline phone with a Community of Madrid prefix, is a possible scam related to your electricity and gas energy company . There are hundreds of reports on pages specialized in caller identification that confirm this.

«ADS comercializadora tries to make you change the marketer with your consent, but they do not inform you properly or speak clearly to you. When they see that you have caught them, they hang up on you.

«Light and gas scam, be careful. Also, they have your name.

Tarifas reguladas de luz y gas

As some users have confirmed, the caller pretends to be an agent of an electric company and offers discounts on the electricity bill of approximately 30% . To confirm the operation, the person in charge requests a series of personal data, such as the name and surname and the bank account number and that is the scam for which very sensitive data will have been stolen from you.

«They call you saying that you had a 5% discount and that this year it will be 30%. That they will send you an SMS and I tell them to please send it to me by mail. He objects, but says that he will ask them to send me an email instead of SMS. It asks me for a series of personal data such as ID without letter and confirm address. He asks me for the bank and I tell him that it’s the same because I haven’t changed, so they already have the data. He replies (a bit unpleasantly) that due to politics and for the discount to be applied I have to give it to him and I tell him that I am not going to give him any bank information over the phone. He gets angry and tells me that then I will go to a physical store and he hangs up on me ».

«They have called me telling me that it was to renew the discount, that it was ending this month. I ask him what company he is from and he tells me that they work with all companies. I realize that it was a scam or something similar, and I tell him that I don’t want discounts, that I have a lot of money and that I want to pay for those who don’t have it. So he already fired me. But yes, when he called, he called me by my name.

«They call you saying that they are from «energy advice» regarding a rise that will come to you on the electricity bill. As soon as they see that you smell the scam, they hang up.

“They ask for part of your account number and address. Unfortunately I gave it to him, it was for electricity and gas and an offer and I made it very clear that I was not going to change company. Silly of me that I gave it to him, it is a scam ».

As can be seen by reading these testimonies, there are several possible victims who report that they provided real data to add credibility to this identity theft, so extreme precautions should be taken.

Another number to the block list

And nothing better to take extreme precautions than to add this number to the black list of your phone to avoid that in the future you may have forgotten this warning that we leave you today and end up biting and losing money.

marcar como spam o bloquear

If you want to save yourself a possible bad drink or gain peace of mind, it is best to block this caller and mark the number as spam. The first step is by the traditional method, enter the call list, open the options panel and block the number .

You can also use some of the applications that help you identify calls and block suspicious numbers , such as Mr. Number, Hiya, CallBlocker, TrueCaller or Pepeescudo. These applications will not only allow you to have greater control over the numbers you have blocked, but also give you some peace of mind by identifying the incoming call and displaying an alert on the screen in case it is a suspicious number like this 917717446.