Don't buy, adopt: the best apps to adopt dogs and cats

Giving a new opportunity to those animals that have been left homeless for some reason is not always easy. Although, with one of the different mobile applications that we will see, the whole process will be easier. If you want to adopt dogs and cats , here we leave you the best mobile apps.

Pet adoption is one of the best ways to give many pets that have been abandoned or those who have never been able to enjoy a home a chance. Luckily, adopting an animal is now easier thanks to one of the different mobile apps where we can see detailed information on each animal. And remember, don’t buy, adopt.

the best apps to adopt dogs and cats

Adopt me

One of the first options that will help us find all those animals that are looking for a home is AdoptMe. This app is available for Android devices. And without a doubt, this is a good alternative that facilitates the process of adopting pets at all times.


Within the application for smartphones, we will find all kinds of filters that will help us find the pet we had in mind more quickly. We will have available information on dogs and cats , photographs, breed, size and the location in which it is located.



One of the first purposes of this mobile app is the adoption of cats and dogs . However, it will also be of great help when our pet has been lost on the street. Basically, we only have to enter the application to alert other users and thus have a greater chance of finding the animal.

In addition, for each animal, we will have different information available. Like there will also be images of cats and dogs , as well as a brief description that will explain what the pet is like.



Let’s go with Chubby, another of the best apps for Android smartphones. Within this app, we also have at our disposal a large number of filters that will help us find our next pet in an easier way. Although, the adoption of pets is not the only function that this application offers us.

It will also be very useful if, for example, we want to give up kittens of dogs and cats that our pets have had and we cannot keep them. Even if we need to find a temporary home for a dog or cat, it will also help us. Or even to report that we have found a lost animal.


I will adopt

This app will not only be useful in Spain, but in other Latin American countries. And it is that, the abandonment of animals, occurs in all countries of the world. In any case, we will have complete information on the animals for adoption .

Within the application, we can find data such as age, size, color, location, race or personality , just to give a few examples. So it is another of the many alternatives that we have today to give a pet a second chance.

Adoptare app


The last option on this list is another of the great alternatives we have to adopt dogs and cats without going to animal shelters or homes that physically give these animals up for adoption. Within this application, we will find all the animals that are close to us that are seeking adoption.

In addition, the app itself will allow us to quickly contact the center or individual that is giving a cat or dog up for adoption. And like other mobile applications, it has different filters and categories available to search by location, age, distance and other factors.