Mario Kart Tour cheat: steps to create your own character

If you want to improve the possibilities of the famous racing game created for both iOS and Android devices, Mario Kart Tour, to customize it according to your tastes or needs, one of the most remarkable tricks is the possibility of creating your own character.

If you don’t see it in the game itself, you’ll think you can’t do it, however, it’s much easier than you think, so we’re going to tell you how you can create a character from scratch or modify one you already have.

Mario Kart Tour cheat: steps to create your own character

How to do it step by step on mobile

If you want to have your own character inspired by someone, you or whatever you want it to be, it is much simpler than you imagine. What you have to do from your mobile is to follow these steps. Although you can do it from the Switch you will not need it. On your mobile, it will take you very little time and you will leave your new character just the way you want. You can save some steps if you access directly from here.

  1. You enter the Nintendo Accounts website, which is this
  2. You sign in to your Nintendo account , which is the same one you use in the game
  3. Click on the photo, which can be a doll in gray
  4. A menu will appear that says choose a Mii
  5. Choose one
  6. If you don’t have any, give +
  7. With this you can now create your own Mii
  8. First you will indicate the gender (male or female)
  9. You can make one from scratch or you will customize the one you want with a lot of editing possibilities
  10. You give it to save when you have edited


You can now choose it whenever you want or create another. The ideal is that you create your own Mii, although there are several applications that make it even easier for you. If you want you can download one of them, although it is not necessary. Miitomo used to exist, but it has closed, although you can download it as an APK, it is important that you take extreme precautions.

For now this option is not found within the game itself, so this is the way you can do it. However, it is to be expected that they will include it from the game very soon.

What can you change on your Mii?

Since you have discovered how to make your own character, it is interesting that you know what you can change in it to make it in your image and likeness, as you would like it to be or customize it to the fullest to create a new Mi that stands out from the rest. .

Everything you can customize on your Mii from your Nintendo Account:

  • Your shape, color and other aspects of the face
  • Hair color and type
  • Type, color and position of eyebrows
  • Type, color and position of eyes
  • Nose type and position
  • Type, color and position of the lips
  • Glasses, color and their position
  • Mustache, beard and others
  • Size
  • complexion
  • Favorite color

personalizar-mi nintendo mario

Once you have done it and hit save, you can use it and see how it looks in the game. If you are not convinced, you can change it back by editing it or creating a new one. The one you choose from here is the one that will be linked to your account and the one that you will see in the game when you play it again.