The best android deepfake apps

Deepfakes are almost perfect videos in which the face of one person is combined with the body of another , even two faces, with which you can spend time playing with your friends to see what you do, merging your photos and has many other uses . Even some illicit, such as impersonating another person, which in many cases becomes illegal and dangerous. Nowadays you have to be careful even when they send us videos and they seem real.

If you want to know how they do it or you want to create your own deepfakes , you will find a large number of applications that will allow you to do it from your own mobile. For this reason, we have made a selection of those that may be most interesting for you and that stand out from the rest, in addition to having a good final result.

The best android deepfake apps

As you can imagine, you have a large number of possibilities, such as “slimming down” in a photo, putting on an amazing body, changing your face to that of a favorite character, simulating something you are not doing and many more. For recreational purposes, it is a very cool technology that will allow you to hang out, and you will surely find it useful for other uses. So, without further ado, get to know some applications that will be of interest to you.

Reface, your face is famous

reface app android

This famous application downloaded by millions of people is an advanced app with which you can change faces. You can put your face on famous people, among many other possibilities. You can be both the Mona Lisa and other characters, and you will also do it in a video that is much more realistic than you imagine.

With Reface’s photo animator you’ll be able to create very realistic videos and GIFS just with a selfie and you’ll also be able to share the result with your friends. Do you want to see your face in the most original 3D animations ? Now you can thanks to AI and this app.

FaceMagic, deepfake videos in a second


This is an Artificial Intelligence powered face swapping app where you can make photos, videos and GIFs by swapping faces in seconds. You can even use your own videos, upload photos of faces and create a result that you do not expect, much less your friends.

It is an app with which you can send personalized videos to your friends that works very well and has recently been updated. You can change several faces at the same time and make your friends dance to the same song, get together with your partner in a romantic scene or whatever you want.

Wombo, deepfakes singing


This is an interesting application downloaded by millions of people and with excellent ratings with which you can make your own deepfakes . It has the most effective AI-powered lip sync app in the world, they say. So all you have to do is take a selfie, choose a song and let the app work its magic.

You will find funny, strange, original videos and with which you can perfectly go viral. Try them and discover what this application offers you in which you will sing like never before.

MyHeritage, very familiar deepfakes

myheritage deepfakes app

This is an application with which you can animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia and create a short video animation that will make you feel like someone in your family is there or a family story is being told with your eyes. With this app your family photos can speak thanks to DeepStory, uploading a photo of an ancestor, adding details of their life and preparing you for what awaits you.

Obviously, although it is not the purpose of this app, you can do it with any photo of yourself or whoever you want . You will be able to create life and stories beyond the conventional.

FacePlay, many videos to choose from

faceplay app This is an app that has a number of short video templates that will allow you to do practically what you want with your face, or with the one you want. You just have to choose a video and choose a photo to become the protagonist of it.

It is a very complete and easy to use app that will allow you to create very rich and attractive videos , in which you will be able to make very original creations in a matter of seconds or just over a minute.