Mara Photos: a Free Web Application for Editing Images

In these times, photographic processing is one of the most common tasks that we carry out with a PC . This is mainly due to the fact that images have become a type of content that is increasingly used in all types of environments and work modes. Thus, specific applications for this are increasingly common, as in the case of Mara Photos .

In fact, there are many tasks that we can carry out with these photographic files to which we refer. Depending on the type of use that we are going to make of it later, we can deal with those images in one way or another. Specifically, we refer to actions such as converting, editing, reducing, cutting or correcting photos, among many other tasks.

Mara Photos

For all this on the Internet we can find a huge number of applications that will be very helpful, some simpler than others. In addition we can also use solutions of this type of payment, or free . The important thing here is to find the software that suits what we need. Well, then we will talk about a powerful web application that is sure to surprise you, we refer to Mara Photos.

Advantages we find when using Mara Photos

As we mentioned, we refer to a web application, which means that it is not necessary for us to install it on the PC. All the work that we are going to carry out with images is done in the cloud , so we don’t need more than the browser to get the most out of the program. This is very convenient for many, since we can access Mara Photos from anywhere and at the moment.

Interfaz Mara Photos

But without a doubt that is not the most interesting thing that this photographic solution offers us, but the enormous number of functions it has. In this way, as we can see as soon as we open it in the browser, Mara Photos is characterized by putting at our disposal a large number of functions. We will see them first-hand as soon as we open the program, since they are located in the main interface of the program.

These are separated by a series of direct access buttons that graphically show us their role, in addition to being able to see their name. Therefore, depending on the needs of the moment, we can choose one mode of operation or another.

Mara Photos features to use for free

Therefore, completely free of charge , we will have software that we can use online that also offers a lot of interesting functions. All this without installing anything on the computer locally. As we told you, to access each of the functions, we only have to click on the corresponding direct access . Say that at the moment we find a total of 58 different applications for our photos. Among them we find tools to cut, rotate, add a frame, correct red eyes, add a multitude of digital effects, invert colors , convert, etc.

As soon as we access any of the program’s functions, we find another user interface so that we can upload the content to be treated. It is clear that first of all we must indicate to the application the photo with which we want to work. In addition, the program itself offers us several ways to do so.

Subir fotos Mara Photos

With this, what we want to tell you is that we can choose where we have stored the original photos with which we are going to work. And it is that we can have them saved on the hard drive of the PC, or in a cloud storage service such as Dropbox. At the same time, the application also allows us to take a screenshot from the webcam to capture the photo, or paste a URL from the Internet.

Powerful integrated photo editor

On the other hand, in the event that we plan to carry out several treatments with the photographic file that we upload, we have a more complete solution. With this, what we tell you is that instead of going from tool to tool of the exposed ones, we can open a complete editor. This is something that we achieve by just clicking on the Vector Graphics Editor option that we find at the bottom of the main interface .

Editor de Mara

At that moment a new work desktop will appear on the screen, as if it were a desktop application. In fact, its interface will be very familiar to us if we have worked with other programs of this type in the past. Thus, on the left of the screen we find a series of basic functions for editing photos. It is also worth noting here that this integrated image editor has support for working with layers, which will be very helpful.

Herramienta formas

Alternatives to Mara Photos to edit photos

  • PhotoScape: this is a simple program to edit photos of all kinds that allows us to open and edit any image we have on our computer. It has functions such as adjusting the size of the photo, changing the brightness and contrast of the same, adjusting the white balance, etc. It is worth mentioning that in order to download and use this program, we can do it from this link .
  • IrfanView: here we find one of the best-known proposals of this type for photo editing. It is characterized by its simplicity of use, since its main function is to display images. At the same time, it has some basic editing functions that allow you to draw on the photo, correct colors, etc. In order to download this program that we are talking about, we can do it from this link .

How to use the free Mara Photos photo editor

As we have mentioned before, in this case we find a web application that we can use directly from the browser . That is why we will not have the need, as is usual in other cases, to install anything on the computer. In addition, all the functions that Mara Photos makes available to us are free. It is enough that we upload the own contents with which we are going to work to the platform , and that’s it.

Of course, as is evident, for all this we will need an Internet connection, in addition to accessing the program from the browser. To finish we will tell you that you can achieve all this from this link .