Many Home Computers Are Vulnerable to WannaCry

We have more and more Internet-connected devices in our homes. We are not talking only about computers or mobiles, but about a wide variety of equipment. It is what is known as the Internet of Things. We can include televisions, smart bulbs, video players … A wide range of options. Now, all this could be a problem for our security if we are not protected. We echo a report that shows how users have millions of household appliances still vulnerable to WannaCry .

Many IoT devices remain vulnerable to WannaCry

This is a safety report that has been presented by the ExtraHop company. There it warns of how more than half of the home devices connected to the Internet are not protected against threats such as WannaCry or NotPetya . As we know, they are two of the most dangerous types of ransomware in recent years. They have put in check many private users and companies around the world.

Many Home Computers Are Vulnerable to WannaCry

The point is that many devices use insecure protocols and that they are not advisable. For example we can mention the use of SMBv1, which was exploited by WannaCry. Also others like LLMNR, NTLMv1 or HTTP.

They indicate that in 67% of cases SMBv1 is still used. This could lead to attacks of this type, especially when it comes to devices that are often not updated. This could happen because the manufacturers themselves do not release patches and updates, but also because users do not take this importance into account.

They especially indicate that many organizations continue to use these insecure protocols. However, they say that one of the reasons why many companies continue to use them is because of the difficulty of updating and moving to other, more secure versions.

The problem is that the network is full of attempted attacks , of hackers constantly looking for vulnerabilities in servers and devices. Hence, having home computers that are vulnerable to any threat, not just WannaCry or NotPetya, could seriously compromise our security and privacy.

Un millón de equipos siguen en riesgo por WannaCry

Protect home equipment, a very important point

All this brings us to a clear conclusion: it is essential to have our home devices protected . In the event that we have any vulnerable device, which can be accessed through the Internet, it could expose all the other equipment that we have connected to that network.

This means that we must adequately protect the devices, that we have security programs and, something very important, that we update the equipment correctly. There are many vulnerabilities that can appear, bugs that can be exploited by third parties, and that shows us the importance of having all the patches at all times.

Improving the security of IoT devices should be a primary concern. It is a reality that we have more and more devices connected to the Internet in our homes. Over time, the figure will increase exponentially as user needs change, new platforms and services appear that we use on a daily basis and, also, the obvious improvement in wireless networks if we compare it with a few years ago .