A Malware Company Will Acquire Private Internet Access VPN

Having a VPN service can be very interesting to improve our privacy and security. You can protect our connections when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, for example. It could also allow access to restricted content in certain places. Now, keep in mind that not all services of this type will be safe. Today we echo the acquisition of Private Internet Access (PIA) by a malware company. It is one of the most popular and used VPN options.

A malware company will acquire Private Internet Access

When using a VPN service it is convenient to know where our data will go. We cannot assign them to anyone and they can use them for commercial purposes and put our privacy at risk. This usually happens when we use free options. After all, they have to make a profit in some way.

This time we echo a story that informs how the Kape Technologies group, which was previously known as Crossride, will acquire the Private Internet Access VPN platform. This company was founded by a former Israeli spy.

Kape Technologies was originally a company that became famous for distributing malware and adware. Subsequently, as the news indicates, they have obtained very good reports that indicate that their business practices are legitimate. However, the past is there and that also caused them to change their name and move from Crossride to Kape Technologies . Its founder was also an Israeli spy. It was part of what is known as Unit 8200, which is something like the NSA.

All this makes it flashy the less that now this company is going to acquire such a popular VPN platform . We already know that a VPN service will handle a lot of data and private information of users. In fact, Internet users use these platforms to improve their privacy and not compromise the information when browsing public networks, for example.

private internet access

This may clash a bit with the fact that it is now acquired by a company that was originally dedicated to developing malware and adware, just as its founder belonged to a national spy organization.

For those users of the VPN Private Internet Access service we can basically say that they are trusting their data in the company Kape Technologies. We have seen the past that this company has, although as we have mentioned today its reputation has improved. Now, is it enough to trust our personal data in such an organization?

As we know a VPN service can help improve our privacy and security on the network. It is interesting to browse open wireless networks, for example. It also allows us to skip the geographical restrictions that may exist when using a certain service. However, so that all this does not turn against us it is important to choose correctly which VPN service we will use.