Apple Will Continue to Have Legal Problems with Butterfly Keyboards

The butterfly keyboard on the MacBook has given many headaches to both users and the company itself. The fact that the butterfly keyboards are prone to fail and that the solution that the company has provided can also continue to cause problems caused a number of users to file a lawsuit against Apple. This lawsuit is still alive after a federal judge’s rejection of Apple’s request to dismiss this lawsuit.

Apple is forced to answer for its butterfly keyboard

Apple wanted to avoid showing its face for its butterfly keyboards when requesting the dismissal of the users’ class action lawsuit. But their plans have not gone well since a federal judge has rejected this request according to Reuters and the lawsuit goes ahead and we will have to see in the following months how the judicial sessions take place and the treatments they can reach.

In the lawsuit users refer to Apple hiding the fact that the MacBook since 2015 incorporated a keyboard prone to fail . In addition to having a computer with a keyboard that fails a lot, the solution offered in the repair service change the keyboard for an identical one that is also prone to failure. This seems a bit silly is the reality since not even Apple has opted to include in the repaired Mac the new generation butterfly keyboards that included membranes under the keys to prevent dirt from entering.

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Judge Edward Dávila has said that Apple must face claims that the repair program is inadequate and could eventually condemn Apple to pay compensation. From Apple they have faced public opinion by this keyboard from minute 0 since the failures have been capitalized and the solutions of laughter. Once the warranty is over with the company is where the laughs really start, ironically speaking, because if the keyboard breaks because dirt has entered under the keys you will have to go through the box and the repair is not cheap at all.

And although the solution has arrived late, in the end we have it in the new MacBook Pro 16 ″ . Since Apple they have not lashed out at their butterfly keyboard, as is logical, but on its new Mac we already see a scissor keyboard that solves this problem by being much easier to clean because it allows you to remove the keys.

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