Make Windows run faster in just 60 seconds

Getting to optimize our computer is sometimes complicated depending on the configurations that you want to tweak. However, on other occasions, simple changes that should not take us much time in the short term, bring us great benefits in the long term.

Disabling Windows startup applications is a very simple way to improve the performance of your PC , especially in the time it takes to boot up. Optimizing this setting should take you no more than 60 seconds of time which you will get back as soon as you start your PC again with the extra speed.

Make Windows run faster in just 60 seconds

Get a faster boot in just 60 seconds

Getting a little extra speed when starting up your Windows PC is something that is always appreciated, especially if we have an emergency that requires turning on and starting to work with the computer as soon as possible.

Generally, as we install applications and programs, many of them start automatically from the start , so we can purge these through a few simple steps that shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Aplicaciones de Inicio Windows

All it takes is a quick trip to the Windows settings menu, where you can decide which apps to start right away and which ones not . If you want to know how to disable startup apps, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • In Windows 10 or 11, click the Start menu and select the Settings (gear-shaped) icon.
  • Go to Apps > Home.
  • In this “Startup Applications” menu, uncheck any applications that you don’t need right away when your computer starts up.

As usual, reducing the load on the startup process will result in faster boot times , but it can also help declutter your taskbar or menu bar, while freeing up processing power for programs you rarely use.

Lastly, if you’re still using a mechanical HDD, switching to an SSD will also drastically improve Windows boot times.

Removing bloatware also helps

Another of the alternatives (perfectly cumulative) that you can do to optimize the performance of your Windows PC in a short time is to purge it of bloatware, that junk software, made up of useless applications, games and services that penalize the user experience because they occupy computer resources. storage or memory unnecessarily, lower performance and stability and there may even be more serious cases that seriously compromise the security of the equipment.

Bloatware Removal Utility

The easiest way to clean your computer of this pesky junkware (you might as well complete the whole process in about 60 seconds) is to use the Bloatware Removal Utility , a tool that makes it easy to uninstall certain programs that the “Add” wouldn’t let. or Remove Program” from Windows. You can download it from their development team’s GitHub .

As soon as we install this program, we will see that it has a really simple interface in which all the software that we have installed on our PC is listed, making it easier to delete those that are not necessary. The program has various filters to locate specific titles such as those marked as bloatware, for example. All this makes it much easier for us to eliminate those applications that we do not want to continue on our computer.