PlayStation VR 2: this has been our first 24 hours

PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation VR 2 has already hit the market with the aim of convincing gamers that virtual reality is a reliable alternative for their leisure time, but does it really improve the experience compared to the first generation? We tell you how our first 24 hours have been with the new Sony hardware, after getting hold of a pack that has offered us many answers.

PlayStation VR 2.

An obvious leap in quality

As we tell you, our first 24 hours have been quite busy around the new virtual reality glasses specially designed for PlayStation 5 and, if you like, we are going to list in a simple way all the elements that we have liked within the new experience of use , which are not few. So we start with them.

Ease of installation

Sony’s promise of a single cable has been fulfilled. Gone is the maremagnum that we had to organize with the first PS VR , the PS4 camera and that infernal HDMI adapter. Now you simply have to connect a single USB-C cable to the body of the PlayStation 5 so that everything stays perfectly connected. Which is good news both to start the experience and for when we decide to remove them in the future and take it elsewhere. For example, at a friend’s house.

finally we have helmets

PlayStation VR 2.

It may seem silly, but it’s an advance that we already have headsets installed on the glasses as standard, so we won’t have to keep putting on and taking off the ones we used with the first PS VR. Obviously, if you prefer another model that you have at home , you can uninstall the original Sony ones and put others.

The controls, an obvious jump

PlayStation VR 2.

PlayStation VR 2 says goodbye to the PS Move and that’s great news because the two new controls that integrate the virtual reality system are not only designed to improve the VR immersion, but also feel consistent and with just the right weight to create the ultimate immersive experience . Now the set designed by Sony makes sense from the first to the last of its components.

Resolution and image quality

As soon as you turn on the new PlayStation VR 2 and see the logos, you can already see that the screens not only have more lighting and contrast, but also definition. And it is something that accompanies you throughout the experience in a spectacular way. Games and demos shine like never before.

PlayStation VR 2.

Movement precision

Surely for many of the above reasons, the experience feels much more accurate (and that you no longer need external cameras). Every little sway of the head or of the control knobs is appreciated within PlayStation VR 2, even if we only move them an millimeter of nothing. The games feel more alive in the ones we’ve tested—which are Horizon Call of the Mountain , Gran Turismo 7 , and Resident Evil VIII .

Eye tracking

Thanks to Horizon Call of the Mountain we have been able to see how this great technology works that allows us to move through the menus simply by looking at a point on the screen and that even focuses the scene we are playing depending on where we put our attention. Although these are the first moments of this innovation in PlayStation VR 2, it promises to bring us much joy in the future. It looks like magic!

The new triggers, one pass

PlayStation VR 2.

The new joystick triggers are awkward to handle at first, but we soon got the hang of them and found that simply zooming in serves to get immediate graphical feedback within the game . As the videos showed with that example of the trigger of a gun, that’s how it feels in reality, which makes it easy to see at a glance the distance that separates us from being able to shoot enemies, for example.

It does not come with demos but there are demos

Although these PlayStation VR 2 do not come with a game disc as in the case of the first generation , we have some demo accounts in the PlayStation Store to play some games. For example, that of Horizon Call of the Mountain itself, also Resident Evil Village , Star Wars Tales From the Galaxy Edge and others of lesser importance, but which can offer you several hours of experiences and entertainment. In the same way, you also have updates at a very good price for PS5 and PlayStation VR 2, such as Tetris Effect , No Man’s Sky (free) or Rez Infinite .

Does all of the above justify the price?

It is clear that the price weighs down the popularity of these PlayStation VR 2 (599 euros for the standard model and 649.99 for the bundle with Call of the Mountain ) within the PlayStation 5 ecosystem, but if you have seen the evolution of the VR market in recent years, is the margin in which the models with the best features usually move. We could even say that in the case of these Sony glasses, they are located in the low fork. Even so, it is obvious that this is an experience ONLY for users who are going to get the most out of this toy and who prioritize VR games over normal releases for the Japanese console.

Hence, to some it may seem like a peripheral at its fair price and others don’t even think about trying it, since it costs more than the console itself. If you are one of the first, one of the fans of virtual reality, these PlayStation VR 2 are sure to be a more than interesting alternative to continue enjoying immersive 3D worlds and with an obvious improvement over the technology we saw in the first generation.