MagDart, the Realme Alternative to Apple’s Magsafe

MagDart, the Realme Alternative to Apple's Magsafe

Really seems to have ready its own magnetic attachment system in the purest Apple MagSafe style and will call it MagDart . Yes, the alternative to that wireless and magnetic charging system will not be able to avoid comparisons, but that is something that they surely already have and surely they are not the only ones to have something similar in the short term.

MagDart, the MagSafe from Realme


When Apple introduced its MagSafe magnetic connector, we were all clear that, sooner or later, the alternatives of many other Android phone manufacturers would arrive. Now we have the confirmation of who will be the first to do it: Realme.

The company’s CEO himself, Madhav Sheth, confirmed through a tweet he posted on his Twitter profile that the realme Flash would be the first phone in the Android world to offer a magnetic wireless charger . Of course, in this image there is hardly any information about what these chargers will be like or other related details. The only ones you can see are the back and a ring that indicates the magnetic connector.

However, this is the internet and here the information flies, so much so that the images of the two wireless and magnetic chargers that will arrive with said realme phone have already been leaked.

The first of them is very similar to Apple’s proposal and has a circular design. The difference seems to be that it will be thinner. Is this relevant? Well, possibly not, but it never hurts to look for the most refined products possible.

The second charger may seem coarser, because it integrates a fan inside according to those slots and thickness of its chassis. But it could be more than justified because, although the first one would only allow reaching a load of up to 15W, with the second one could reach speeds similar or identical to those obtained by cable.

The latter shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise either, as wireless chargers like the OnePlus offer really fast wireless charging. So it would simply be adding to that proposal a magnetic fixing system that optimizes the placement of the device and therefore the load itself.

Magnetic chargers only or there will be more accessories

Now that we know that Realme will have their own wireless and magnetic chargers, the question is whether they will release any additional accessories or not. The truth is that nothing can be said until the official presentation, but it would not be bad if they did.

Because without underestimating the advantages of Apple’s MagSafe, we must admit that the most interesting thing is in that other set of accessories that range from wallets to tripod mounts and even grips with buttons to use the camera application and the phone itself as a compact. Although if you had to bet on an additional accessory, it would undoubtedly be an alternative to the PowerBank with Apple’s MagSafe, but for Realme devices with MagDart.

Of course, it would be ideal if by some chance the same accessories for iPhone 12 also serve for the future realme Flash.