Sony ZV-E10: Features, Price and Opinion of the Camera for Vlogs

Sony ZV-E10: Features, Price and Opinion

Sony‘s camera catalog is starting to be scary, but in a positive way. The Japanese manufacturer has been hitting practically every new proposal for many years. The latter is a camera that we could say is the evolution of the Sony ZV-1 and the Sony Alpha 6100. A camera designed from scratch for video bloggers that has an APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses. Let’s talk about the Sony ZV-E10 .

Sony ZV-E10, the new camera for videobloggers

What is the ideal camera for a user who primarily vlogs? It is a compact camera like the Sony ZV-1, one with interchangeable lenses like the Panasonic Lumix G100 or one of those much more advanced proposals with a Full Frame sensor such as the Sony A7 III, the Lumix S5, Canon EOS R6. It is difficult to say which is the best, because each user has a series of very specific needs, but it is clear that there are proposals that offer features that are very focused on this type of content and one of them is the recent Sony ZV-E10.

What Sony has done with this camera is to merge the best that the ZV-1 offers with the best that its 6000 series APS-C cameras offer. Thus, the result is a very compact camera, with interchangeable lenses and a series of technical features that make it very versatile to generate quality content wherever you go and without sacrificing the possibility of taking a step forward when necessary.

So, if you think so, let’s see how it is first physically and then we get right into the technical section.

As you can see from the images it is very similar to a Sony Alfa 6100, but with a somewhat more compact body that brings it closer to the dimensions of the ZV-1. Of course, with details that a priori are more interesting such as the grip that will allow a better grip when we use it, especially without the tripod that at the same time serves as a handle and remote controls that facilitate the use of the camera.

And you might think that now it will be less comfortable to transport, but the truth is that seeing the dimensions there is not much inconvenience. Mainly because when you put an interchangeable lens on it, it will increase by itself. In addition, the weight of only 343 grams makes it light and that does impact more on portability than dimensions.

For the rest, at the keypad level, the distribution is very simple so that you can focus on selecting photo mode, video mode or slow motion and creating content. So you will have a button to start recording, the shutter button where there is also a lever to zoom if the lens allows it and a dial next to the custom C1 button that allows you to activate or not the bokeh mode as standard.

That in the upper part, in the back part of Menu, one of function, dial, button to preview the material and the trash can. Nothing new with respect to other already known proposals of the brand. Although later there will be certain customization options and the possibility of using the touch screen.

This screen in turn is foldable and can rotate to be placed in the position that best suits you when recording yourself or trying to capture a shot from complicated angles without making mistakes in the framing.

On the side for which the screen is lowered is where the 3.5mm analog microphone input is , this camera like the latter is compatible with Sony microphones that are attached and connected directly through the smart shoe . Although we must not forget the upper microphone that also includes the windscreen or deadcat again.

In general, it is a very well-built camera for the purpose it seeks: to offer a comfortable tool when recording vlogs and other types of content where speed and comfort prevail. Because going with bulkier and heavier cameras is not always the option.

A very compact camera with APS-C sensor

Moving on to the technical specifications, the Sony ZV-E10 is a camera that combines the best of the well-known ZV-1 with the main improvements introduced in the most recent Sony A6100 and other APS-C proposals.

That is to say, it is a very compact camera, but not limited in terms of image quality. Because it integrates a Sony APS-C sensor with 24.2 megapixels of resolution. This sensor is capable of capturing video at 4K resolution and slow motion cameras at 120 fps at Full HD resolution. I mean, it’s not bad for the type of camera it is.

Logically, it is not only striking, here Sony also adds an electronic stabilization system that as a vlogging camera will allow a more fluid material when we are recording freehand. Although the most important thing will once again be the autofocus modes , an AF that has been proving to be very reactive and precise for years, something that in vlogs is vital to not worry about whether or not we have gone out of focus.

In addition, the experience of the ZV-1 is also noted here and two of its main features are added. The first is the mode that allows, with the press of a single button, to be able to change recording parameters that give the option to achieve a bokeh effect in a very simple way and without having much knowledge of how the aperture, shutter speed, etc. affects the that striking background blur effect that many users look for.

And the second, the Product Showcase mode that allows you to quickly switch between focusing on the user’s face and the object that is in the foreground between it and the camera itself. An autofocus that works very well and adds to the classic Sony AF of which again we have to emphasize how precise and reliable it is.

For the rest, when it comes to recording video, the camera has well-known characteristics since they allow obtaining high- quality video clips, even to later be processed in post-production with great precision.

  • Video at 4K and FHD resolution at 120 fps
  • XAVCS codec up to 100 Mbps in 4K and 50 Mbps in FHD and Slow Motion & Quick Motion
  • Video profiles Hybrid Log-Gamma (HDR), S-Gamut3.Cine, S-Log3, S-Gamut3. S-log2

Versatility as the definition of the Sony ZV-E10

The Sony ZV-E10 is a camera that is best defined as versatile . Because not only is it a great option for videobloggers, it can also be for those looking for a second camera, an option for streaming because it can work as a webcam, etc. All this with the multiple options offered by the possibility of having an interchangeable lens system and a catalog of lenses that continues to grow by Sony itself and other brands such as Sigma.

So, taking into account that the starting price for only the body is 750 euros , the truth is that it is postulated as one of the most attractive cameras in the coming months. It is true that we will have to see what the rest of the brands do, but it is increasingly difficult to think of other options if you have tried some of the many benefits of Sony and its most recent cameras.