How to Deactivate the Beauty Effect of Selfies on Any Mobile

Deactivate the Beauty Effect of Selfies on Any Mobile

When we open the selfie camera of our smartphone we usually run into a mode that does not convince everyone. It is about the beauty mode of selfies , which for several generations has been occupying a leading role in images from around the world.

Especially in the Android panorama it has become an indispensable point, but nevertheless, we know that not everyone likes it equally. Fortunately, this beauty mode, which on many occasions exceeds in softening the skin and artificially retouching the face , can be deactivated. So that you do not have any problems with your smartphone, we are going to show you what you must do step by step to get it removed forever on your mobile phone.

The beauty mode, that big question

The battle to love or hate the beauty effect has a close relationship with the opinion of the users, but also with the result in this way. There are many who hate the beauty effect, because their smartphone applies it in an “exaggerated” way, although it does not happen this way in all cases. Its result is usually somewhat more chaotic in low-end terminals, since the technology through which the corrections are applied to the face is not ideal, especially if the light does not accompany it.

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Manufacturers most closely linked to Asian interests tend to do it that way, because in their culture, fully stretched faces without wrinkles or imperfections are viewed favorably. On the contrary, the interest in the beauty effect of selfies is very different in Europe or in America, where we feel more comfortable with naturalness in general. This leads us to meet different interests in which our opinion counts a lot. Therefore, after knowing how this mode is deactivated, it will be you who decides how you prefer to take your selfies.

Remove the beauty effect on Android phones

In Android terminals, the option to deactivate the beauty effect of our mobile could not be easier. However, not all smartphones have the same option to remove the beauty effect, but the mechanism changes depending on the brand and the personalization layer. The first terminals where we learn to deactivate the beauty effect are Google Pixel, Motorola or Nokia smartphones, which have Android Stock and GCam.

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In these smartphones, what we will do is access the camera of our mobile, click on the option to flip the camera and click on the arrow that appears at the top. This will bring up a menu of various options, among which is called facial retouching. Here we can decide if we want to deactivate it, apply the beauty mode in a soft or subtle way, it will depend on our preference.

We deactivate facial retouching in Samsung

The terminals of the Samsung brand and with the One UI personalization layer also apply the beauty mode by default , being able to remove it quickly. All smartphones of the brand are capable of this, accessing its possibilities from the adjustment wheel that is in the upper left part. In this case, the option not only works with the front camera, it can also be applied on the rear camera.

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To proceed to deactivate it, what we will do is touch the beauty tab instead of filters and then at the bottom right we can deactivate that smoothing effect on our skin. On the contrary, if at any time we want to activate it we will have to repeat the process, being able to adjust it according to our taste.

Remove Xiaomi beauty mode

Among all the manufacturers that apply their beauty mode, the one that most makes us aware that it is applied is Xiaomi. In the MIUI personalization layer and therefore also in the Mi, Redmi or Poco terminals, we run into an overly enhanced beauty effect in most cases. To adjust it or deactivate this mode on the mobile, the steps that we will follow are these:

modo belleza xiaomi

  • Click on the option to rotate the camera.
  • Then we touch on a magic wand in the lower right part.
  • Now we choose the option to modify, choosing between gently slender and big eyes.
  • To deactivate the beauty effect in Xiaomi we touch on “Clean”.

Remove beauty mode from Huawei

The Chinese firm Huawei also flaunts its retouching and softening as it best fits into Asian culture. This time the retouching of the selfies is usually also rough, combining with many different effects. In order to remove the mode, we will have to turn the camera, which will activate by default portrait mode of the mobile with EMUI in all its versions.

modo belleza huawei

Once we see ourselves on the screen, we can click on the “Beauty” button and then touch on the button that removes the beauty mode. If we prefer, we can also adjust this to our liking, varying the skin tone, unifying the shape and even refining the face.

End beauty mode on your Realme

Realme smartphones also have a beauty mode that is activated by default , in this case it is not so dramatic, but it can be annoying due to the sensation of modified tones that appear on the face. To remove it from your mobile phone, you just have to do this:

selfies realme

  • We open the selfie camera of the mobile.
  • We touch in the upper left corner on the circle.
  • Click on the “Natural” option.
  • If we want to reduce it, we will only have to vary the bar to the left side.

And in the other mobiles?

Other manufacturers have already chosen to eliminate the beauty effect or apply it in such a minimal way that we do not even realize it exists. This happens for example in OnePlus or OPPO terminals through AI, in the same way that more and more are considering this change. Google itself has already put this mode in check and we could find a future, where beauty mode is forgotten or denied to post-production and image editing.

Do iPhones have beauty mode?

Unlike what happens in Android smartphones, iOS devices do not have a beauty mode as such. In this case, the correction of our face occurs automatically and very subtle, without being able to call it beauty mode . This leads us to not find an option that allows us to deactivate or activate it. The software itself tries to find the best solution for each moment and situation.