Lowi's 6 tricks to improve WiFi connection

When the Internet connection, at least the WiFi network, is too slow, we can always do something about it. And, for this very reason, from Lowi they make it easier for us and give us up to 6 tricks to improve the WiFi connection. If we complete each of these tips, the truth is that we will notice a significant change in speed when browsing the Internet using the wireless network.

It’s clear that some of Lowi’s tricks aren’t as good as others. But, the sum of all will lead us to increase the WiFi signal at home. In this way, we will be able to improve network coverage in each of the corners without continuing to have connection problems.

Lowi's 6 tricks to improve WiFi connection

Boost Wi-Fi signal

So that you can improve the WiFi signal in your home, the operator Lowi wanted to give us a hand and give us 6 tricks to increase the coverage of the wireless network in our homes. Therefore, take paper and mobile and write down the following tips:

  • Consider the location of the router . Place it in a high place without it being attached to the ceiling and, much less, do not place it inside any closet. Ideally, it should be placed in a central area of the house so that the coverage is distributed throughout all areas.
  • It has antennas? If your device has antennas, point them up to improve the wireless network connection.
  • Watch out for obstacles . If the area where you have the router is surrounded by other devices, cabinets, shelves… the coverage will be worse. Therefore, clear the area.
  • Avoid other electronic devices . One of the best places to place the router will be away from the kitchen, in addition to other devices that are sources of radiation. More than anything, because they can create interference in the router’s wireless signal.
  • Do not put it near the PC . As much as you want to connect your PC to the router by cable, the truth is that the wireless connection will worsen for the rest of the devices. Therefore, it is better to place it further away.
  • Use a WiFi repeater . If after all the wireless signal of the router is still very poor, it is the perfect time for you to start thinking about using a WiFi repeater at home. In this way, you can take the coverage to those areas of the house where nothing reaches or the connection is bad.

Cobertura WiFi casa

In this way, by following these 6 Lowi tricks to improve WiFi at home, we will get it to reach more corners of our home and, above all, we will not have so many problems when browsing the Internet. In addition, we remind you that the sum of all these points will be more beneficial for the connection. So we recommend you complete each of these tricks and not just carry out a few. And it is that, when we are looking for a solution that puts an end to these problems with the wireless connection of the router that we have at home, these tricks are the most recommended at all times.