They can deny you a port only for these 5 reasons

When we are going to change the operator, it is not usually the most common thing in the world, but they can deny us portability . In addition, there are several reasons why this can happen to us. Although, as we told you, it is not usually the most common. However, it is good to know the reasons that can lead to this so that we can try to avoid them at all times when we want to go from one operator to another.

In these cases, it will not be the new operator that refuses to carry out the procedure, but it will all be the fault of the original operator, that is, the one we are at right now. Therefore, we are going to know the 5 reasons that can lead to canceling a portability.

They can deny you a port only for these 5 reasons

Why is a port denied?

The change of operator does not always have problems. In fact, it is rare that something happens so that we cannot go to another company. However, like everything in life, it can happen. However, knowing the causes that exist to deny a portability to another operator is always useful to know what has happened and if we can do something about it.

Therefore, if in your case, your current operator has denied you the right to leave, since the new operator will inform you of how the process is going at all times, including if portability has not been possible, these are the 5 causes you should know:

  • The SIM card with the number you want to change the operator has been reported for theft or loss at the original operator.
  • If there are strikes, natural disasters or any other reason of force majeure .
  • The phone number has been removed from the original operator.
  • The data of the owner are not the same . If at the time of making the change of company we have made a mistake when giving the data of the holder or because they have been wrong from our old operator, the portability will be cancelled. To solve it, we will have to call the new operator and confirm again the name, surnames and ID of the owner.
  • Wrong access type . This can occur when a number has some type of impediment, such as the fact that there is an indirect service such as renting a telephone line from another operator to provide a service.

If in your case you have suffered any of these problems in particular. His thing is to contact both your operator and the new company you want to go to. In some cases, such as the fact of a reported SIM or a canceled number, we will have to see why this has happened when we have nothing. Or, also, to confirm that it is not a mistake.

In the event that it is due to a lack of validation of the data of the holder of the change of operator, it will be necessary to call again to give the information correctly so that the portability is completed without problems.