How to lose weight quickly playing video games

We are not going to fool ourselves, video games are related to a sedentary activity that invites players to spend long hours sitting in front of a screen, however, the video game industry has changed so much in recent years that there have been some time options to exercise at home. But … do they work?

Lose 15 kilos playing with Nintendo Ring Fit

Fit Ring

Nintendo is one of the greatest exponents when it comes to playing video games with movement, since, since the launch of the original Wii, motion control and gestures have been a fundamental part of many of its titles. Thanks to this technology, the giant developed games such as Wii Sports or the famous Wii Balance Board, and recently launched a peripheral with similar intentions for the Switch: the well-known Ring Fit .

This exercise ring was presented as the indispensable complement to play Ring Fit Adventure , an aerobic test game that would help us exercise at home almost without realizing it. The idea seemed to be interesting again, and Migui Minaj, a Filipino boy passionate about graphic design, decided to give it a try. Well, the results have not been expected, since after the first 30 days of exercise, Minaj has registered a spectacular weight loss that can be seen with the naked eye.

To achieve this he has been playing the game and completing the exercises daily for 25 minutes, although he has also changed his eating habits and has taken a healthy diet. In the end, exercise and healthy diet form the key to success, and in this case it seems that the formula has paid off.

Fit Boxing, another success story

Another example of interactive exercise comes once again from Nintendo. We are talking about Fit Boxing, another sports title that with the help of the Joy-Cons we will be completing exercises proposed by a personal trainer and accompanied by music.

In Japan, the game is quite popular, and the average weight loss achieved among players is 5.5 kilos after 90 days of training. These figures have been obtained through the Asken food management portal , a service whose profiles allowed to link Fit Boxing accounts. The records that included the Nintendo game reflected changes in each user’s personal scale, demonstrating that the virtual personal trainer took effect.

Other methods to exercise having fun

In addition to these games that allow you to exercise at home, we can find other motivations to go outside and eat miles. Many management and monitoring services allow you to add friends and acquaintances as a social network, to beat us with them through weekly challenges and tests. It is an interesting way to motivate ourselves in order to complete challenges and to be able to increase our weekly sports activity.

Some of the applications that you can download are Endomondo, Runtastic or Runkeeper, in addition to some services of brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung, which with their corresponding wearables invite us to complete daily records to maintain a continuous activity and without stoppages.