Only Google Pixel 4a would reach the market, without XL version

pixel-4aGoogle has released this 2019 its first mid-range mobile since the yearned Nexus, and the response has been quite positive by users, who have seen in this terminal a fairly affordable phone and with the essence of the original Pixel. Now we have known that the Google Pixel 4a could only reach the market.

All Pixel have arrived so far in two versions to the market, one standard and another with a larger screen, usually known as the XL version, as it happened last year with the 3rd.

A Pixel 4a without a big screen, why?

This information we know now suggests that in 2020 we will have a Google Pixel 4a , which will probably be presented at the I / O conference in May, but this time it will not be accompanied by the XL version. Something that certainly shocks us a lot because both models have always been present in all Pixel ranges. But it seems that there is a compelling reason why Google would have decided to end the largest model of its mid-range mobile. Something that would have to do with sales and acceptance of the two models.

Google Pixel 4a

Because it seems that the Pixel 3a has undoubtedly been the best selling model of the two, since most users have preferred to keep a smaller 0.4-inch mobile, instead of spending the almost 100 euros of difference between them in both As for the price. So Google will heed that situation and this time it will offer users what they are waiting for, the Google Pixel 4a in its standard size . Recall that last weekend the design of this new generation of the mid-range of the Mountain View was completely leaked.

Google Pixel 4a

From him we knew its dimensions, which would be somewhat smaller than that of its predecessor, although curiously it would have a larger screen, which according to this filtration would be 5.81 inches , while that of the current model is 5.6 inches . Keep in mind that it has no edges, and that the front camera is perforated in the corner of the screen. Therefore we would have a mobile with a size between the Pixel 3rd and 3rd XL . Something that also reinforces this information, since in the same mobile users will enjoy both a larger screen and a lighter size and weight.