How to Log Out Gmail Account Remotely from Another Device

Gmail is one of the most used Google services. Millions and millions of people have a Google email account and it is that in addition to being free, it offers plenty of storage space and has a lot of interesting features. In addition, it is possible to access our mail from any computer through its web version or from the app on our mobile. However, after opening our email account on a computer, we may leave the session started and another person who uses it later will have access to our email. But luckily, it is possible to log out of our Gmail account remotely .

When we share the home computer with our relatives or roommates, we use a cyber’s computer or the work computer can be used by other colleagues, we have the risk of leaving the session of our Gmail email account open and that other people They can have access to our messages or they can even impersonate us.


Therefore, we must always be careful and log out before closing the browser, since otherwise, our account will be at risk of falling into the hands of other people. Anyway, if we realize that we have left the session open on a PC, there is a way to close it remotely so that no one can enter it.

How to sign out of your Gmail account from another device

From your email account

The fact that we have left our session open on any computer does not imply that we can enter our email from another. Therefore, to close the session that we have left open we can follow the steps shown below:

  • We open a new browser window on another PC and go to Gmail .
  • We signed in with the same account that we left open on another computer.
  • From the inbox we move to the bottom.
  • In the lower right part of the mailing list we find the last activity of the account and below the option Details .
  • We click on Details and we will open a window with account activity.
  • There will appear the session that we left open on the other team along with the recent activity.


  • Click on the Close all other Gmail web sessions button .
  • The session we leave open remotely will automatically be closed.

From your Google account page

We also have another option to log out of our email account from the Google My Account page. For it:


  • We click on the Security option in the menu on the left side.
  • We scroll to the option Your devices.


  • Click on the option Manage devices.

  • We select the team where we leave the session of our Gmail account open by clicking on it.


  • On the next screen click on Logout.

On this page we will see how long we have logged in the browser from where it was made and we can even try to locate this device from the Search device option, very useful in the event that we have lost or stolen the laptop, mobile or tablet.