The Best High-end Alternatives to Apple Watch

It is an obvious fact that the Cupertino-based manufacturer dominates the smart watch market thanks to its unbeatable Apple Watch . Yes, the American firm’s smartwatch has marked a before and after in the wearable market. To the point that this gadget has become the best selling watch in the world.

The problem with the Apple Watch is its excessive price . Yes, the smart watch of the firm of the bitten apple has all kinds of functionalities that will allow you to get the most out of this smartwatch, in addition to offering a spectacular design that will make it the center of all eyes. But it costs twice as much as it should be worth.


What alternatives are there to Apple Watch?

Not to mention its more than limited autonomy. We talk about a model that does not hold a full day if you give it a minimum jog. And we do not talk about excessive use, but some sport on a daily basis. Come on, despite being an excellent smart watch, everything that glitters is not gold. More, if you consider that there are a few alternatives to Apple Watch that will not disappoint you at all.

Taking into account that firms such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei are launching increasingly powerful models, it is clear that you can find true height rivals to the Apple Watch that will offer you a functionality, which nothing has to envy to the smart watch of the American manufacturer. The best? That these models far outweigh it, in terms of autonomy.

iPhone 11 Pro

Can I use any smartwatch with an iPhone?

Maybe you bought an Apple phone and are afraid that your iPhone is not compatible with these smartwatches. Nothing is further from reality. You can be very calm, since all the models that you will find within this compilation are perfectly compatible with the iPhone.

As we have said, they offer better autonomy, a more restrained price, they are compatible with iPhone, in some cases they are even more resistant. And, what is better: in more than one case you will find interesting discounts that will allow you to buy these smart watches at a demolition price. So, do not waste any more time and bet on these models if you are looking for a quality alternative to the Apple watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

We begin this compilation with one of the crown jewels of the Korean manufacturer. We talked about the Samsung Galaxy Watch, a tall device, and it has everything you need to offer a tall user experience. Especially for its 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, which offers a high image quality, in addition to a scandal autonomy. Yes, this Samsung watch will reach three days of battery without too much trouble, which makes it clear that it is a better solution to the Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch, un gran rival del Apple Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

EUR 249.00

Xiaomi Mi Watch

The wait has been eternal, but finally we have the first official Xiaomi watch . Yes, it is true that we have seen some models before, but they had always been designed jointly with Amazfit. But in this case we have before us the first model created only by the Chinese brand. And eye, that this wearable offers three days of autonomy, in addition to a great variety of functionalities that do not have anything to envy to the Apple Watch.

Smartwatch Xiaomi Mi Watch

Huawei Watch GT Fashion

Another model to consider, is this Huawei smartwatch. The manufacturer has managed to gain a foothold in the smart watch sector, offering very complete products at a very measured price. And now you can get the Huawei Watch GT Fashion with a discount that leaves it in less than 100 euros. A bargain height, more considering that this device offers a battery of up to two weeks.

Huawei Watch GT Fashion

Huawei Watch GT

EUR 99.00

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

If you are looking for a model for sports, do not miss this Samsung model. Already, during our analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 it became clear that we are facing one of the best Apple Watch rivals . More, seeing the large number of features it offers, not to mention its more than palpable price difference.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2,alternativa al Apple Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

EUR 285.00

Huawei Watch GT 2

We recommend you again to a model of the Asian firm. But, as we have said, Huawei has become a benchmark when it comes to buying a smart watch. And your Huawei Watch GT 2 is an excellent example of this. A model that offers all kinds of functionalities, including a scandal autonomy: it can reach 15 days of use.

Huawei Watch GT 2

Huawei Watch GT 2

EUR 198.69

Ticwatch Pro

Another of the major firms specializing in the manufacture of smart watches, is Ticwatch . And his Pro model is a true beast that will not disappoint you at all. We are talking about a model that, like the rest of the models in this compilation, has a heart rate sensor, all kinds of sensors to monitor any activity we do … And a 6 percent discount for you to buy at the best price.

Smartwatch TicWatch Pro, alternativa al Apple Watch

Ticwatch Pro

EUR 244.99

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

I could not miss a compilation of the best rivals of the Apple Watch, an Amazfit watch. And in this case, we will recommend the Amazfit GTR. A device that offers up to 20 days of autonomy, in addition to an exquisite design and more than enough features to meet the needs of any user. You just have to see the ratings on Amazon to know that it is a tall product.

Smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

EUR 148.95

Fitbit Versa 2

If Google bought Fitbit a few months ago, it’s for a reason. And the reason is very simple: this manufacturer has a range of really competitive wearables. In addition, the fact that the great G has acquired this company guarantees you updates in its product range. So, considering that the Fitbit Versa 2 has a design very similar to that of the Apple Watch, in addition to a more restrained price, it is one of those models that you should not miss.

Smartwatch Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa 2

EUR 179.00

HONOR Smartwatch Magic Watch 2

The Huawei subsidiary has become another of the great references when it comes to presenting all kinds of wearables. Your Honor Band 5 is the only activity bracelet that can stand up to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. And its Magic Watch 2 smartwatch is another example of a job well done. In this case, we find a robust device, with attractive design, powerful features and an incentive that makes a difference with its great rival: it promises up to 14 days of autonomy. A true rival for the Apple Watch!

honor magic watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2

EUR 189.99

Amazfit GTS

To conclude with this compilation of the best smart watches if you are looking for a good alternative to the American manufacturer’s watch, we offer you another height model at the demolition price. Yes, the Amazfit GTS is a true clone of the Apple Watch, and now you can buy at a bargain price.

Seeing its incredible design, ease of use, a large number of sensors that will allow you to monitor any type of physical activity you do, added to that it has an autonomy that exceeds 20 days of autonomy, is another of those smart watches that are worth buying .

Amazfit GTS, un clon el Apple Watch

Amazfit GTS

EUR 127.90