The Best Alternatives to Safari for Mac of 2020

Although Safari is the best browser we can have on our Mac, sometimes it gives us some bugs that annoy us a lot. That is why we must look for alternatives that work properly and in the secure network that you find many. In this article we make a compilation of the best alternatives that we can find to Safari on Mac.

As we said before, although Safari is a good browser, it can sometimes give us some problems such as for viewing 4K videos on YouTube, or accessing specific websites that do not finish loading.


Firefox, a browser that will give you a great time

Mozilla Firefox may not have too much presence in the day-to-day life of users but without a doubt but without a doubt it is one of the best browsers we can install on our Mac. Apart from having a fairly reduced resource consumption, we also have different features that help us navigate safely through the network. To get an idea, we can enter Amazon or any other purchase website without them tracking our cookies. That is why when making a flight reservation this is the best browser we can find to avoid inflating the price.

Firefox ahora más rapido

Firefox also stands out for the extensive catalog of extensions that are available. To be honest , in Safari the available extensions are not many and that is why here we find a fascinating catalog. In addition we can have bookmarks and passwords synchronized with all our equipment since we find the app in the Play Store, App Store, and also for Windows.

Google Chrome, a gluttonous classic

One of the great browsers we can find is undoubtedly Google Chrome. But this is a browser that has been ‘banned’ on Mac for a long time because of the large amount of resources it consumes in both RAM and battery consumption, which is abusive. If it is true that little by little Google has known how to optimize your browser to prevent fans from activating at maximum speed simply by visiting a specific website but there are still many users reluctant to use it.

Google Chrome Mac

As in Firefox, we also find the corresponding application on other platforms to be able to synchronize with all our computers the bookmarks or passwords. It has a large store of accessories and applications but obviously this will increase the consumption of resources, and quite a lot.

Opera, the browser that was late

If you have a somewhat old Mac that is not too powerful, one of the best browsers you can install without a doubt is Opera. It has a reduced consumption of resources as a result of not having updated to the new times since it lacks many customization and configuration options.


It also has different cross-platform applications and allows us to install extensions to customize our browsing experience. In addition there are some variants of the browser quite curious as an alternative for gamers that reduces the consumption of resources to be able to allocate them to different games.

Microsoft Edge Insider, the black sheep of browsers

After the disaster that was Microsoft Explore, Microsoft Edge arrived, which is gradually being updated to adapt Chromium and can resemble Google Chrome. This is not an exclusive Windows browser, but it is also available for download on Mac with an interface now that is very similar to what we found in Chrome. Data consumption is quite small and certainly looks pretty good. The problem it has is its past and this means that many users do not finish trusting in Microsoft Edge, although as we say now that it has adopted Chromium it looks a lot like Google Chrome. They still have a lot of work ahead of them from Microsoft so that users can trust this browser again.

Microsoft Edge Insider

Tor, a browser with which you will not leave a trace

If privacy is extremely important for you, the browser you should have installed on your Mac is Tor. This will not leave any trace of the searches , and we will also avoid showing content based on our location through the IP. That is why we will prevent any website from trying to track our IP address

Navegador Tor

We must keep in mind that Tor is based on Firefox so we have a quite similar experience in terms of customization.

Vivaldi, the vitamin version of Opera

If you are an Opera lover in its previous versions, you will love Vivaldi as it is developed by Opera’s exCEO and a group of engineers from this browser. This is one of the emerging browsers in macOS that certainly looks pretty good. It is highly customizable since we can select the location of the tabs on our screen without having to be at the top mandatory.

In addition to this customization, we also find an interesting browsing history that shows us statistics of where we have been browsing . The truth is that it reminds us of the new use controls that we have on our mobile phone to know where we have been entering.

For us this is a browser that is worth giving it a try. It is completely free to download and you can do it from your own website.


As in the previous cases, if you are looking for a browser that does not use too many resources, unlike Google Chrome, Maxthon is one of the best options we can find. It does not include too many differentiating options to the other browsers we have seen, but we think it may be interesting to give it a try if you are a lover of trying different browsers.



From Russia we get this browser that is linked to the national browser Yandex. It’s like Google and Chrome but in Russian version. At the moment this is one of the fastest browsers we can have on Mac and it will also protect us from different threats that we may suffer when we connect to a WiFi network. It is true that coming from Russia can be a somewhat suspicious browser but it is certainly worth giving it a chance.

yandex navegador