How to Locate the SIM PUK in Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo

As part of one of the oldest security features of our mobiles, the PIN code has always been the first armored access door. However, it is common to enter the PIN in the wrong way, to the point of blocking our SIM . It is at that moment when the PUK code comes out, ready to fix the mess of our mistakes.

Locate the SIM PUK in Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo

Unlike the four numbers in the PIN code, the PUK code is a sequence of eight numeric digits. It is not delivered together with the SIM card and PIN code by our mobile phone operator. Its meaning in English terms “Personal Unlocking Key”, or what is the same, personal unlock key. It is very convenient to have this number on hand , so that in the case of entering the PIN code wrong three times, you can regain access to our SIM.

Methods to retrieve the PUK

There are several methods to be able to recover the PUK code of our card. Those that are common to the main mobile operators (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo), go through contacting the customer service number or take a look at the original SIM documents. In the first case, after an identity verification by the specialized agent, the number will be provided to us. It is an action that will take us a few minutes.

pin y puk

The second is to search the SIM card documents , since in all these operators we will find the PUK code, just below the original PIN code. However, if we have thrown away or cannot find that piece of plastic, we will have at our disposal the personal access or client area, which each operator offers us and where we can carry out various procedures related to our line, including the display of this personal code.

In Movistar

Movistar customers can access the “PUK Code” section within “My customer data”, one of the sections of the procedures present in My Movistar. It can be accessed both from the website and in the company’s official application available for iPhone and Android. In addition, you can also send an SMS to 1004 with the word “PUK” to receive the code. The company also offers a dedicated website for this purpose , in which we will have to enter line data and the authorized CIF or DNI, to access the information.

movistar puk

On Vodafone

Within “My Vodafone” we can also check the PUK and PIN code, within the details of our line . As before, it is an option available on the web and in the service app, to which we will have access as clients of the company.

código puk en Vodafone

In Orange

The Orange customer area also allows you to find the PUK code , without the need to call Customer Service. In this case, we can find it within “My Line” and entering the “Locking / unlocking” section.

código puk en orange

In Yoigo

In the same way, in our personal area, both on the web and in the app, we can check the PUK code in Yoigo. To do this, we enter the Settings section and click on “Show PUK code” . The 8-digit code is initially hidden and will be hidden again for security after one minute.

codigo puk en yoigo