How to Check the Components in Realme Mobiles

There is not a single mobile that is free from problems and Realme aware of this allows us the option of checking the components ourselves in Realme smartphones . With a few simple steps we will be able to find out what is failing and thus get out of doubt in a much faster and easier way. Sometimes the problems can be minor, but in other cases they force us to go through the technical service.

Check the Components in Realme Mobiles

Whatever problem we have in hardware or software, this test included in Realme UI will be very useful. Any mobile of the company with the first version of its customization layer can use it and thus nobody is left without finding the faults that they may be suffering. Before getting complicated with confusing settings that are not always helpful, we invite you to give this test a try.

Steps to perform the component test in Realme

Once we are determined to check the status of our mobile and all the components, all we have to do is move our finger on the home screen to access the application drawer. Among all those that we can have installed there is one especially important, it is called ” Security Center ” and in it we have everything we need.

comprobar componentes test realme

When accessing the application we will see the images that we show you, as you can see there are different sections but we are going to concentrate on the last one, where it says “Component check”. Upon entering this section we will be able to see a summary of the specifications of our mobile with the RAM and storage memory processor, but also the option to start the verification or test in Realme .

test componentes realme

Clicking on start check will show us all the components that we can analyze in Realme . As we show you, the list is very long and allows us to find the answer to our problems. We share with you the list of everything we can test:

  • Memory
  • SIM
  • System
  • Fingerprint
  • Sensors
  • Connections
  • NFC
  • Battery and charging
  • Buttons
  • screen
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Vibration

After having completed the analysis of all or some of the elements, a report will be generated that we can then use to send it to technical service and enforce our guarantee. In the event that the failure is software, it will also be valid and will ultimately be the best explanation we can do about the problems we are experiencing on the mobile.